‘Asia’s First Uterus-Transplanted Baby’ Born To Indian Woman After Her Mother Donated Her Womb

surgeons in an operation theater
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A woman in India has given birth to a baby through uterus transplant, marking it as Asia’s first-ever case. The uterus was donated to the woman by her own mother.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the 28-year-old woman identified as Meenakashi Walan underwent the transplantation procedure in May of 2017 after doctors declared that her uterus had become “non-functional” because of a miscarriage and three abortions.

Doctors also informed the woman that she would only be able to carry a child through a uterus implant. Upon hearing that, the woman’s 45-year-old mother, Sushila Ben Jayesh decided to donate her uterus.

Just 17 months after the transplant, Mrs. Meenakashi Walan — who is from the western state of Gujarat in India — successfully conceived a child through In vitro fertilization (IVF).

On October 18, the woman and her 30-year-old husband Hitesh Bhai welcomed their baby daughter, born via C-section. The baby, named Radha, weighed 3 pounds 10 ounces and according to the report, the baby was born healthy and the mother did not face any complications during her pregnancy or at the time of giving birth.

Mrs. Meenakashi is currently recovering at Pune’s Galaxy Care Hospital, where she and her newborn baby are expected to stay for the coming few months.

As the report detailed, Mrs. Meenakashi felt delighted and surprised at the birth of her daughter and called it a “miracle.”

“It is an exceptional event that has not been heard or thought of before. I feel complete now. Being a mother is the most beautiful emotion in the world, it is something that has to be felt. All I am willing to concentrate on is my daughter’s wellbeing and upbringing right now.”

Dr. Sailesh Putambekar, who performed the delivery, said that the “surgery was complicated because the vessels of the uterus were small.”

The Daily Mail report provided further details and added that Mrs. Meenakashi Walan got married to her college sweetheart nine years ago. They conceived their first child naturally, but the baby tragically passed away within a few minutes of being born.

She conceived twice again but unfortunately, she had to undergo abortions due to complications.

The couple — who consulted several gynecologists — was heartbroken when they were told that Meenakashi would not be able to have a child again. However, when they visited the Galaxy Care Hospital in 2016 and learned about the possibility of a uterus transplant, they saw a ray of hope.

Since Mrs. Meenakashi didn’t have a sister, her mother was the only option for her. Speaking of the transplantation procedure, Meenakashi’s mother Sushila Ben said that she and her daughter were “next to each other in the operation theater as it was a ‘live’ transplantation.”

“The doctor informed me about the crucial process beforehand but I had full trust in him and strong faith in God. I knew things will certainly fall in its place.”

Sushila Ben added that she feels blessed, happy, and humble as “God heard her prayers and medical advancements led to this miracle.”

“I feel privileged that both my daughter and my granddaughter are born from my uterus. God has chosen me for this divine purpose,” she said, per the report.