‘B&B’ Recap For Wednesday, November 14: Brooke Asks Bill To Prove He’s Changed

Bold and the Beautiful scene with Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer
Johnny Vy / CBS

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday, November 14 features Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Thorne (Ingo Rademacher), Katie (Heather Tom), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), and Judge Craig McMullen (Joe Lando) listening to the recording which Justin (Aaron D. Spears) and Bill (Don Diamont) made. The tape clearly proved that Ridge and Judge McMullen conspired so that Katie would gain sole custody of Will (Finnegan George), according to She Knows Soaps.

Ridge and McMullen pointed out that Bill’s recording was made illegally and could not be used in a court of law. Bill also pointed out that Katie kept Ridge and the judge’s secret before Brooke came to her defense. She admitted that Katie didn’t know about anything until she informed her. Bill thanked Brooke for being the only person who defended him in the custody trial for Will. Judge McMullen also said, “I’m deeply sorry, Mr. Spencer.”

Ridge couldn’t take it anymore and told Bill to take action. He was tired of Bill wasting his time and he should call the police if he wanted to. Bill said that he was a changed man and that he didn’t want to fight anymore. He had the decision to make that could send Ridge and McMullen to jail. Brooke stepped in and pleaded with Bill to prove that he had changed and to show mercy toward Ridge and the judge.

Back at Forrester Creations, Donna eagerly accepted the job offer from Eric (John McCook). She told him that she was happy to be back at the company and was also happy to be back with him. After Eric left the reception desk, Pam Douglas (Alley Mills) and Donna continued to bond. They talked about the past and then talked about Eric. Donna said that the best time in her life was when she was married to Eric. Pam encouraged Donna to let Eric know how she felt.

She said that she wished that Donna was still married to Eric and that Quinn Fuller Forrester was selfish and vindictive. They talked about all the crazy stunts that Pam had done. Pam said that it was because she wanted to protect Steffy and that she had had a medical issue. B&B viewers will remember that she had a brain tumor at the time. Pam said that she would never do anything like that again. She then joked that the exception might be Quinn.

In the design office at Forrester Creations, Eric informed Quinn that he had rehired Donna. Quinn was upset and didn’t understand why Donna took the job. He reassured Quinn that she had no reason to feel threatened by his ex.

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