Hailey Clauson Goes Topless In Flirty Instagram Video For ‘Sports Illustrated’

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Model Hailey Clauson was recently featured in a new Sports Illustrated Instagram video that has fans going wild. The short clip shows her in various bikinis, while the most risqué shot includes the model posing in just a neon-pink bikini bottom as she covered herself with a surf board. Clauson smiled and laughed at the camera, as she posed in several bikinis. The outfits included a pink cheetah-print swimswuit as well as a plaid one. One scene from the video shows the model partially wearing a red Budweiser jacket, as she walked down the beach in a red thong bikini bottom.

In other news, Clauson returned to Sports Illustrated this year after a three-year break, reported Fox News. She was last seen with SI in 2015 and 2016, as she entered the scene as a rookie. Hailey also opened up about her modeling career through the years.

“My body really changed when I was 17 or 18, like most girls, and I did not fit into sample sizes anymore. I took a year off and let myself be a normal teenager to figure out if I still wanted to do this or not, and I decided that I did.”

And while modeling is in the cards right now, Clauson also described what she hopes for herself in the future.

“My mother would always tell me about these amazing supermodels [who] almost had superpowers. I was really inspired by them and the fact that they were more than just models. All of these women have taken advantage of their opportunities and created businesses out of them… creating long-term [ventures] for themselves that don’t really involve modeling, which I think is really amazing.”

Although Hailey didn’t mention any specific names, some supermodels that have a sprawling business and other entertainment careers include Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum.

The Sports Illustrated model also shared a photo that was taken for W Magazine, which showed her completely nude save a pink bag, being embraced by her boyfriend Jullien Herrera.

The couple was last spotted together last Friday at the LAX airport. Hailey wore a gray minidress, leather jacket, and white sneakers. Jullien sported an all-black outfit with a blue hat, while they both wore some sunglasses, detailed the Daily Mail.

And in mid-October, the duo was seen hitting the waves in Malibu, described the Daily Mail. They were both photographed in their wetsuits, while Hailey also wore a black bikini top.