Meghan Markle’s Nephew Tyler Dooley Says Family ‘Torn Apart’ After ‘Really Tough Journey’ Per ‘Express’

Meghan's nephew opens up.
Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s American family drama has been on public display for a while. Royal fans have come to know her dad, Thomas, quite well after the paparazzi photo debacle before the royal wedding. Since then, the dad has been joined by half-siblings Samantha and Thomas Jr. in giving tell-all interviews to the press. This doesn’t include mention of Samantha’s expected tell-all book, nor Thomas Jr.’s past antics including sending letters to the Queen.

Now, nephew Tyler Dooley has joined in on the action. While the rest of the Markles have taken to criticizing Meghan, Tyler has at least done the opposite of praising his aunt. And during his appearance on MTV’s new show The Royal World, Dooley opened up about what it’s been like for his family in the wake of Meghan joining the British royal family, according to the Daily Express and the Sun.

“When it hit the press that Meghan was dating [Prince] Harry, it’s been a really tough journey throughout. … My family has been torn apart. Had we had some guidance and assistance, perhaps from the royal family, we could have avoided a lot of this stuff.”

And while all of the details of the family drama are only known to the Markles themselves, fans believe that Meghan hasn’t spoken to her dad since the wedding. Moreover, Samantha and Thomas Jr. don’t appear to get along either, with the former alleging that Jr. had a fallout with their dad over some money drama.

Not only that, Tyler previously slammed his dad and aunt, Samantha. He called the two “not nice” and “toxic,” detailed the Inquisitr. The nephew has also mentioned before that he doesn’t go by “Markle” but instead goes by his mom’s last name, “Dooley” in order to not be associated with the others. However, Dooley has notably grown a strain of marijuana and called it the “Markle Sparkle.”

But with all that being said, Tyler has also criticized Meghan before.

“We all thought we were going to be invited. You never forget your roots. Your family that was raised with you. You can’t forget them.”

Whatever the case, only Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, made an appearance at the grand wedding. Doria has since been spotted at the Duchess’ first charity engagement and is believed to be invited to enjoy Christmas with the royals. There’s also talk that Meghan would like her mom to live at Kensington Palace after the baby is born, but that request was reportedly met with some resistance.