NBA Rumors: GSW Could Trade Draymond Green To Celtics For Al Horford And Terry Rozier, Bill Simmons Suggests

Will the Warriors consider trading Draymond Green?

Celtics could trade for Draymond Green
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Will the Warriors consider trading Draymond Green?

The Golden State Warriors suddenly became the center of controversy after Kevin Durant and Draymond Green engaged in a heated exchange of words during their overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. Green reportedly called KD a “b**ch” and reminded him that they managed to win an NBA championship title even without him on their team.

The ongoing dispute between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green is undeniably one of the major things the Warriors want to prevent as it could immediately put an end to their recently established dynasty. If they fail to solve the problem, the Warriors could be forced to make a tough decision and choose between Green and Durant.

“It’s tempting to say Green—and not for contrarian’s sake,” Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report said.

“His defensive versatility and ability to orchestrate offense as a fully functioning center mean almost as much to this system’s success as Stephen Curry’s pull-up splashes. But the answer is Durant, who looks and plays like he was created in a basketball factory. He can manufacture scoring opportunities out of thin air and finish them with either a rim-rattling dunk or a Finals-closing three bomb.”

Once the Warriors make Draymond Green officially available on the trading block, several NBA teams will surely express a strong interest just to add him to their team. The Ringer‘s Bill Simmons, who is considered as the “Picasso of the Trade Machine,” recently posted a hypothetical trade deal on Twitter that would send Green and Shaun Livingston to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Al Horford and Terry Rozier.

As of now, there is less chance that Simmons’ proposed trade deal will happen, but it’s still intriguing to know how it could affect the Celtics and the Warriors. The deal will immediately put an end to the drama surrounding the Warriors, and they will be acquiring two players who can help them remain as the best team in the league.

Al Horford offers the same skill set as Draymond Green and he could play both the power forward and center positions. Terry Rozier will give the Warriors a younger backup point guard who can step up as a starter when needed. Meanwhile, the Celtics will add another star who fit the timeline of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward.

The acquisition of Draymond Green could boost the Celtics’ chance of fully dominating the Eastern Conference this season. The rift between Green and Durant will surely add more thrill and excitement to the potential NBA Finals matchup between the Warriors and the Celtics.