Dems Say Matthew Whitaker Was Involved In A ‘Masculine Toilet’ Patent Scam

Steve PopeGetty Images

Matthew Whitaker, Donald Trump’s pick to at least temporarily replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has a sketchy past which includes being part of the advisory board for a company called World Patent Marketing which promoted some products like the Masculine Toilet, which is a commode for men who are particularly well endowed.

Vanity Fair reports that Democrats want an investigation into what they are calling a “scam patent company” pushing products that are of dubious use. A mounting list of House Democrats wants Whitaker vetted as well as an investigation into World Patent Marketing, which is being called an “invention-promotion scam.”

But what is a “Masculine Toilet?”

“In November 2014… World Patent Marketing, announced the ‘marketing launch’ of a ‘MASCULINE TOILET,’ which boasted a specially designed bowl to help ‘well-endowed men’ avoid unwanted contact with porcelain or water. The average male genitalia is between 5″ and 6″ the firm’s press release said. However, this invention is designed for those of us who measure longer than that.”

Other odd products listed by World Patent Marketing were cryptocurrency for time travelers and Sasquatch dolls which came with videos explaining that there was DNA evidence to prove that Bigfoot really does exist.


Jezebel added that on the description of the Masculine Toilet, the World Patent Company boasts that Whitaker is part of their advisory board.

“Matthew G. Whitaker, former Iowa US Attorney and Republican candidate for United States Senate to the company’s advisory board.”

Dems are insisting that Whitaker capitalized on his position as a U.S. Attorney to bilk people out of their money. The temporary Attorney General also served as a legal watchdog for the company, threatening people who wanted to complain to the Better Business Bureau with “serious civil and criminal consequences” if they went through with their intention to drop a dime on the World Patent Company.

But despite serving as an enforcer, a rep for Whitaker says he knew nothing about any fraudulent activity by the company. Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec says that Whitaker knew nothing about a subpoena request from 2017.

“Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker has said he was not aware of any fraudulent activity. Any stories suggesting otherwise are false.”

Whitaker’s predecessor Jeff Sessions had issues of his own, but none of them had to do with his competency to do the job itself. Sessions’ biggest issues seemed to be a conflict when it came down to his own personal views and agendas being pushed in the department of justice.