Thomas Ravenel Wants To Cut Ties With Ex-Girlfriend Ashley Jacobs, But She Won’t Leave Him Alone, Per ‘AAtT’

Brianna StelloBravo

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs reportedly called it quits — but according to a source, Jacobs hasn’t been willing to walk away from the former politician quite yet.

Speaking to All About the Tea on November 12, an insider claimed that while Ravenel wants to cut ties with Jacobs completely, she will not leave him alone.

“Thomas desperately wants to be free of Ashley — but Ashley won’t leave him alone,” the source said. “She uses emotional/violent outbursts and threats to control him. Thomas and his family thinks that her unhinged behavior is very alarming and they fear for his life.”

Ravenel and Jacobs briefly called it quits over the summer — but by August, despite report of sexual assaults, they were back together. Then, earlier this month, the couple reportedly had a falling out after Jacobs was caught bad-mouthing Kathryn Dennis, the mother of Ravenel’s two kids, on Instagram.

As some may have seen, Ravenel slammed Jacobs for acting with so much hate in a now-deleted Instagram post, going on to say that he would have nothing to do with her. Unfortunately, Jacobs hasn’t gotten that memo, and is reportedly continuing to contact her ex-boyfriend — possibly in hopes of reconciling their strained relationship.

“Thomas’ family and close friends are disgusted by Ashley and feel she’s ruining his life. They’re very concerned for him and want her to move back to California,” the insider said. “They can’t figure out Ashley’s end game — and why she won’t leave Thomas alone.”

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs’ relationship was a hot topic on Southern Charm‘s fifth season earlier this year, especially after Jacobs went after Kathryn Dennis during a heated dinner party. As fans will recall, Jacobs lashed out at Dennis for being a bad mom and said that she was nothing more than an “egg donor” to her two kids — four-year-old Kensington and two-year-old Saint Julien.

Although Jacobs later apologized — in an Instagram post — for lashing out at Dennis, she has since taken aim at her once again by claiming that she’s lying about her sobriety.

“I think it’s wrong to pretend you are sober and to use it as a platform if it’s not true,” Jacobs shared in the comments section of an Instagram post, according to a report shared by the Celebrity Insider.

Southern Charm Season 6 is currently in production. The show is expected to air on Bravo TV sometime in 2019, though it will air without Thomas Ravenel and his controversial ex-girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs.