WWE News: Nia Jax Finally Comments On Becky Lynch Injury


On Monday, WWE SmackDown Live invaded Monday Night Raw and a huge brawl broke out, as reported by the Inquisitr. During the fracas, Nia Jax landed a huge punch to Becky Lynch’s face, one that broke her nose and gave her a concussion. Since then, there’s been a huge outrage from fans claiming that Nia Jax is an unsafe worker — the same fans claiming that she should be sent back to developmental to work on her skills.

At first, Jax was completely silent on the matter, but she finally broke her silence in a recent tweet, per SEScoops. Jax said, “Hey…we don’t deliver mail, things happen. Is anyone gonna ask me about how my fist feels?”

The post was accompanied by a photo of her hand with a small cut on it.

At first, Nia Jax sent out a Twitter message promoting an upcoming meet and greet that’s taking place in Blackwood, New Jersey, on November 16. Fans proceeded to attack her for the accidental injury to Becky Lynch, which ultimately prompted Jax to post her response to the incident.

Jax’s response is sticking pretty closely to her character, refusing to break kayfabe to offer an apology. Her response makes light of the situation, which might only anger fans more, as they’re already outraged at the performer. In fact, fans are already jumping on her in response to the tweet, with some even saying that she should delete the post before things get worse.

The list of performers injured by Nia is fairly long, and includes superstars such as Alexa Bliss, Bayley, Zelina Vega, and now Becky Lynch. There has been a great deal of discussion across wrestling media as to whether something should be done about Jax’s unsafe practices. There was even a post on the r/squarecircle subreddit — an internet wrestling fandom — about all of the unsafe things that she’s done in the ring. The list is quite extensive.

Becky offered her own in-character response to Jax in a heated Twitter message.

Becky Lynch was originally scheduled to face Ronda Rousey this Sunday at Survivor Series, but she was forced to pull out. As reported by the Inquisitr last night, Becky chose a replacement to face Ronda in the cross-brand match, asking her former friend — and rival — Charlotte Flair to step in.

Survivor Series is scheduled to take place on Sunday, November 18, with a kickoff show at 5 p.m. EST and a 7 p.m. start time for the main card. The match order has not been revealed yet, but there was a great deal of speculation that the Ronda Rousey versus Becky Lynch match could have been the main event.