Tom Cruise Bans All Non-Scientology Members From His Home, Reported ‘Radar’

Ryan PierseGetty Images

Tom Cruise is allegedly banning anyone who does not practice the Scientology religion from entering his new home in Florida, according to a new report by Radar Online.

The actor is also rumored to be only recruiting church members to appear in his latest film project titled Top Gun: Maverick, stated the Radar report.

Cruise is allegedly assisting the church in converting its Clearwater, Florida base into a Scientology-only town, pushing out anyone who hasn’t converted to his eccentric religion, stated Radar. The actor will live in the penthouse of a luxury building that’s under construction in downtown Clearwater, allegedly financed by the religion.

Radar reported that Cruise is so passionate about his beliefs that the church had to find a cable installer who practiced the religion to do the basic wiring in the building, as per the actor’s wishes.

The church reportedly designed its condo with a birds-eye view of its flagship building and has also allegedly paid $30 million dollars, per the Radar report, to purchase six downtown properties which will eventually be converted into a Scientology-themed entertainment center.

People Magazine claims that Cruise remains devoted to the Church of Scientology, to the extent that he’s purchased a penthouse apartment in Clearwater, Florida, just a block from the controversial organization’s international headquarters.

Cruise also maintains a close friendship with the organization’s equally controversial leader David Miscavige and spends time in Clearwater with his 23-year-old son with Nicole Kidman, Connor, who moved to the city to be close to other Scientologists.

People reported, Isabella, now 25, and Connor were raised as Scientologists and chose to live with their father after their parents’ divorce and remain devoted to the religious organization.

“He’s very relaxed when he’s here,” a local allegedly told People of the actor.

Last married to actress Katie Holmes, with whom he shares a daughter Suri, the actor has maintained a low profile since the couple’s divorce, working on consecutive films and allegedly spending most of his time living in hotel rooms, reported People, having sold his Beverly Hills home in 2016.

Cruise became involved in Scientology the late 1980s through his first wife Mimi Rogers, who practiced the controversial religion.

The actor was honored in 2008 with a Freedom Medal of Valor award, the organization’s highest honor, according to The Mercury News.

Scientology continues to be a hot-button issue in the entertainment world.

Actress Leah Remini continues to work to expose the religion and its controversial practices in her A&E series Scientology and the Aftermath, which will debut its third season on Tuesday, November 27.

Tom Cruise’s upcoming film Top Gun: Maverick will be released June 6, 2020.