James Corden Gets Migos Makeover On ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Leon BennettGetty Images

James Corden released a new Carpool Karaoke video on Tuesday featuring Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff — the three men who make up the rap group Migos. While on their ride to CBS Television City, Corden and Migos made a stop in a local clothing store so that the trio could find Corden a new “drippin’” look.

The idea for a new Migos-inspired wardrobe came about when the group was singing along to their hit single, “Bad and Boujee.” Corden stopped the jam session when he noticed that, in the backseat, Offset had pulled out huge wads of cash. After counting the wads, Corden concluded that the artists were collectively carrying $210,000, E! News reported.

“You know you can go to an ATM, right?” Corden said.

Quavo took a look at Corden and decided that the group should spend the money on new clothes for their host. Corden pulled over to MM6, a shop with metallic silver wallpaper that he had ostensibly never visited before, and the shopping spree began.

The first outfit that Migos picked out for Corden was a metallic silver hooded coat and a pair of eccentric leather footwear, the latter of which Corden couldn’t quite figure out. He wasn’t too fond of his look.

“Am I drippin’? I don’t feel like I’m drippin’… I look like I’m hiding Migos under a coat,” Corden said.

The group moved on to another silver and black jacket paired with a white T-shirt featuring a lowercase “b” and white pants. He didn’t like this outfit either. However, the men of Migos insisted that Corden looked great. It wasn’t the outfit that was wrong, it was Corden’s attitude, they said.

“The drip is in your walk, man,” Quavo insisted.

Migos helped Corden find his swag. In the end, Corden loved his new look, and declared that he would be paying in cash.

The rest of the carpool ride featured Migos singing along their own song, “Walk It Talk It,” as well as Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” according to Rolling Stone. Corden also talked with Migos about their claim to have invented dabbing, a popular dance move.

“Dabbing is really swagging… ‘Look at my dab’ was like saying ‘Look at my swag.’ So dabbing was a new word for swagging. Then people took that word and made it a whole dance,” Quavo said.

Finally, the trio discussed how they are able to ad lib to any song. Corden put Migos to the test by having them ad lib to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” which Migos did successfully.