Chris Watts’ Parents Defend Him While His Victim’s Family Slams Their ‘Utterly False Statements’

RJ Sangosti Getty Images

Chris Watts murdered his 34-year-old pregnant wife Shan’ann and their two young children, Bella and Celeste. He then heartlessly hid their remains and played into the charade that they had been kidnapped. It was later discovered that he had been having an affair with a co-worker and wanted his family out of the picture. Weeks after he pled guilty to the crime, his parents spoke out to defend their murderer son.

According to People, Watts’ parents are taking shots at his slain wife, calling her abusive. Despite their son having murdered his pregnant wife and two little girls, they say he isn’t a psychopath. Cindy and Ronnie Watts, Chris’ mom and dad, spoke out publicly Monday in regards to the case. They claimed his marriage was very difficult and at times even abusive. They had nothing good to say about Shan’ann, noting that she often isolated her husband from the rest of his family. As far as the heinous crimes their son committed, they appear to be in deep denial.

“If this actually happened like they’re saying that it did, that he killed them, then what was the trigger?” Cindy asked during an interview.

Ronnie Watts echoed her statement saying, “There’s a whole lot of unanswered questions about the case — to me everything happened too quick there, from a case status thing to a plea.”


Meanwhile, Shan’ann’s family is disgusted by the claims, calling their daughter a faithful wife and loving mother.

“Monday evening, the parents of Chris Watts gave an interview in which they attempted to defend their son. In doing so, they felt the need to make vicious, grotesque and utterly false statements.” These statements, “however hurtful and inaccurate, will never alter the truth about [Shan’ann], and will never alter the truth about the crimes committed by their son, Chris Watts,” her parents said.

Shan’ann’s family say they will do everything in their power to protect their daughter’s legacy. They emphasized that there is no reasonable way to defend a man who was so much of a coward that he dumped the bodies of his own family members in oil tanks. He spewed lie after lie to law enforcement, family members, and the media. After he deemed it necessary to kill his wife who was carrying their unborn son, he made up further lies about her to kill her memory.

“He pled guilty to murdering his family because he is guilty,” Shan’ann’s family said.