‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Monica Could Save The Day By Convincing Oscar To Fight His Cancer


It seems that General Hospital viewers have had enough of Oscar Nero’s temper tantrum while moving forward with his emancipation from his parents. The boy has an inoperable brain tumor and he wants to just let what happens happen. Drew and Kim are fighting tooth and nail to get him into a trial in order to save his life. Now they have someone else who may be able to convince Oscar to think twice about laying down to die without fighting to live.

Tuesday’s General Hospital had Oscar still walking around with his “war” face on. He is still fighting to be able to choose his own health care and it does not include the trial that his parents want him to try. He is also pushing poor Joss away and right into Cam’s arms. GH fans have had enough of his attitude and have taken to social media to let out their frustrations. However, there may actually be some hope as spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that she will be spending the day with her grandson on Monday.

Monica was shown on Tuesday finding out about Oscar’s decision not to fight his cancer. She then showed up at Charlie’s Pub where he works to whisk him away for the day. She stormed in, handed Julian money to pay for the boy’s wages, and told her grandson that they were spending the day together. That was actually the first time Oscar smiled that big since he found out he was dying.

Monica may just be what he needs. She has had plenty of experience with fighting cancer herself and dealing with Emily’s cancer as well. She told Kim about her daughter’s refusal at first to treat her cancer, but she ended up changing her mind and she was able to beat it.

His grandmother is expected to also spill the details about her family’s cancer stories to Oscar hoping that he will change his mind about fighting his. She may just be what he needs right now. General Hospital fans have grown tired of Oscar’s whining and pushing everyone away at the very time that he needs his loved ones close to him. Many on social media have even said how over the top his behavior has been. They want him to stop with the nonsense of trying to be an adult when he is obviously not.

One person wrote,” If you want to be an adult Oscar…put on your big boy pants and deal!”

General Hospital spoilers tease that Oscar will be conflicted by next week. Maybe he will rethink how he has been acting after his talk with Monica. He may even decide to drop the court case against his parents and see if the trial saves his life.

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