Donald Trump ‘Erotically Attached To Violence,’ Takes ‘Deep And Destructive Pleasure’ In It, Psychiatrist Says

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Donald Trump gets a charge out of violence that gives him erotic pleasure, says a leading psychiatrist and author of new book on Trump, but like cult leader Charles Manson he is able to keep “clean hands” by enabling others to “express his destructiveness so he doesn’t have to carry it out.” In fact, says Justin Frank, author of Trump On The Couch: Inside the Mind of the President, Trump “has had this attraction to violence since he was two years old.”

Frank, who previously authored a New York Times bestseller with his book Bush On The Couch and has also authored an “on the couch” book about President Barack Obama, made his comments analyzing what he says are Trump’s mental disorders in a new interview with the online magazine Salon, in which he spoke to journalist Chauncey DeVega.

Trump himself has boasted about his attraction to violence as a child, according to an ABC News report, even claiming that he once punched a second -grade schoolteacher and gave the teacher “a black eye.” More recently, during the 2016 presidential campaign, he publicly encouraged supporters to “knock the crap” out of protesters

Just last month he praised Montana congressional rep Greg Gianforte for assaulting a journalist with a “body slam,” calling Gianforte “my kind of guy,” according to CNN.

Donald Trump 'Erotically Attached To Violence' Takes 'Deep And Destructive Pleasure' In It, Psychiatrist Says
Cult leader and mass murderer Charles Manson bears similarities to Trump, says psychiatrist Justin Frank.Featured image credit: California Department of Corrections and RehabilitationGetty Images

But as Atlantic Monthly reported recently, many of Trump’s supporters defend Trump’s violent statements by claiming that Trump is “just kidding” when he appears to encourage violence on the part of his supporters. But Frank disagrees.


“Everything Trump says must be taken seriously. Donald Trump is erotically attached to violence,” Frank told Salon. “He is excited when he does those professional wrestling moves at his rallies. He is like a child. The problem is, Trump has nuclear weapons and he’s the president.”

The roots of Trump’s violent fixations go back to his childhood, Frank says.

“When a child has hyperactive tendencies and they are untreated, a whole cycle of problems can begin. This is Trump. It limits not only his intellectual development, but these problems mean that as an adult he also can’t listen to other people,” the psychiatrist said. “Trump doesn’t understand what people are saying. Because Trump does not understand, he therefore has to retreat to name-calling or going to his base to whip up a frenzy of activity.”

Calling Trump the “Charles Manson of American politics,” Frank said that for Trump, “words are the equivalent of weapons. Trump does not need a gun. Words are his bullets. He enables other people to buy their own guns and fill the barrels with his tweets and just shoot people. It’s a very disturbing quality.”