Men Who Carjacked Lyft Driver Die After Crashing Car Into A Tree, Police Say

Tero VesalainenShutterstock

A Lyft driver in St. Cloud, Minnesota, called the police after two men he picked up on the job allegedly threw him out of the car and stole the vehicle. According to KARE 11, the two men later died in an accident in the car.

Officers from the St. Cloud Police Department received a call shortly after 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning from the 46-year-old Lyft driver and responded to his location on Minnesota Boulevard Southeast.

The St. Cloud native explained that he had received a call for a ride, and picked up two men on Lincoln Avenue Southeast. For a while, they appeared to not know where they were going, and the driver was driving them around aimlessly in the city waiting for them to figure out where they were going.

Suddenly, one of the men allegedly reached over from the back seat to grab the steering wheel. As the driver related, he stopped the car, at which point one of the men grabbed him from behind, pulled him back against the seat, and threatened to kill him. It was at that point that he climbed out of the car and the two men sped away from the scene in his vehicle.

“The victim indicated he responded to a ride request,” St. Cloud police said in a statement.

“One of the males in the back seat reached up over the seat and grabbed the steering wheel, causing the vehicle to nearly veer off the road.”

The two men were heading west on Minnesota Boulevard when they sped away from the abandoned Lyft driver, who immediately called the police on them.

A Sherburne County deputy who was parked on the side of the road watching for speeding vehicles saw the car flying past him and immediately took off in pursuit of them to pull them over. When they drove past the deputy, they were clocked at 112 mph. While he couldn’t catch up to them, he eventually saw smoke rising up ahead from a curve in the road.

When the deputy arrived on the scene, the allegedly stolen vehicle was wrapped around a tree on the side of County Road 8. One of the two men had been thrown from the car in the accident, and when emergency services arrived, they declared him dead at the scene. The other man was extracted from the car and transported to St. Cloud Hospital, where doctors were unable to save him. He was declared dead a short while later in the hospital.

Police are investigating the carjacking and the resulting accident.