Prince George And Meghan Markle Laugh In Family Portrait To Celebrate Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday

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With Prince Charles about to turn 70-years-old, it is the perfect excuse for the royal family to take some new family portraits to celebrate the occasion. Two official images have just been released via Clarence House’s official Twitter account. One is the usual formal affair showing Prince Charles, Camilla, his sons, and their respective families. However, another image is more relaxed and shows the group laughing at something off camera.

“Two new photographs of The Prince of Wales and his family have been released to celebrate HRH’s 70th birthday,” the tweet from Clarence House read. “The photos were taken by Chris Jackson in the garden of Clarence House.”

One image shows Prince Charles with Prince George on his lap. Next to him on the settee is his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, with Princess Charlotte. Behind them are Kate Middleton holding her youngest child, Prince Lois. Then follows Prince William, Prince Harry, and his new wife, Meghan Markle. All the family members are smiling and it is a grand image to show the world.

This photograph has been released ahead of Prince Charles’ birthday bash to be held at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday. As yet, though, no news has been released on who will be attending this event, according to E! Online and the list remains top secret.

However, Clarence House also released another photo of the royal family. This image is more candid and shows Prince George laughing while sitting on his grandfather’s knee. Meghan Markle is also laughing and Camilla is pointing at the camera, likely showing Charlotte where she should be looking when the photograph is taken. Charles is posing perfectly, obviously unaffected by whatever has made the others laugh. In addition, Kate, William, and Harry all look to be in varying stages of laughter or humor.

As yet, there has been no official news on what had the group in stitches.

As a previous Inquisitr article points out, Prince Harry is considered the most popular royal as polled by the British public. So, maybe it was something he said?

Prince Charles will turn 70-years-old on November 14. He is considered the oldest heir to the throne with his mother, Queen Elizabeth, still ruling the monarchy at 92 years of age.

Even though Prince Charles is not yet on the royal throne, according to People, he is still a very busy man. So much so that his son, Prince William, would like him to slow down more in order to spend more time with his grandchildren.