Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Thanks Fans For Support Following Hospitalization

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

After a performance on Saturday, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry collapsed in his dressing room and was hospitalized, Entertainment Tonight reported. Although the guitarist is still recovering, he took the time to update fans on Twitter Tuesday morning and assured everyone he is doing well.

“Thanks for all the love and support,” he added to the tweet.

Many fans have responded to his update, offering well wishes and insisting that he continue to take his time to rest.

The 68-year-old rock ‘n’ roll star completed his show with Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden in New York City last weekend, ending with a stellar performance of Aerosmith’s 1975 hit “Walk This Way.” When the artist got off stage, however, he reportedly felt shortness of breath, Perry’s rep told ET on Sunday. Paramedics treated Perry in his dressing room by giving him oxygen and inserting a tracheal tube into his throat to clear his airway. He was then carried out of the venue on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital.

“This morning Perry remains in the hospital where he is alert and responsive,” the rep said.

There is no information yet on the cause of Perry’s collapse last weekend or how long he will be hospitalized. The guitarist has a history with drug and alcohol abuse but is said to have recovered from these issues.

Perry was set to embark soon on a solo tour after announcing his latest single. Aerosmith has also been planning to mount a Las Vegas residency in 2019.

A similar medical incident occurred in 2016, according to Deadline. Perry collapsed in his dressing room during a performance with the Hollywood Vampires, a band featuring Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, at the Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island. Video footage from the concert showed Perry looking dazed on the drum riser before suddenly stumbling off the stage. The guitarist then lost consciousness and collapsed, Rolling Stone reported.

The Hollywood Vampires continued the show after Perry’s departure but informed fans that he was feeling sick and instructed them to chant “Get well, Joe” throughout the concert.

Later, Cooper opened up about the incident, saying that it really scared him. The band later learned that the causes of the collapse were dehydration and exhaustion.

“We were doing 25 to 30 songs with no break…I think it just caught up with him. He finally got up there onstage, dehydrated. And I think he was exhausted. He told me the night before he hadn’t eaten in two days,” Cooper revealed.