WWE Superstar Paige Reveals Whether She’s Cleared For Return

Rumors circulated that Paige was cleared for a return and the superstar took to Twitter to respond.

Two photos of Paige holding WWE championships.

Rumors circulated that Paige was cleared for a return and the superstar took to Twitter to respond.

Recently, a rumor started circulating around various wrestling news sites that WWE superstar Paige was cleared for a return to the ring. However, in a response to a fan on Twitter, Paige was quick to debunk the rumor.

The tweet to Paige said, “So I hear your cleared to *WRESTLE WRESTLE*” and Paige responded, “Nope. I’m not. At all.”

She continued, “One more knock to my neck could result in paralysis. Don’t read ‘facts’ on the internet. As much as I want that to be true it’s 100% not.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much clearer than that—Paige is not going to get into a wrestling ring anytime in the near future.

The original report that she was cleared for a return to the ring came from Mike Johnson of PWInsider and was then reported by Ringside News.

On a PWInsider podcast Johnson said, “She could wrestle tomorrow, she could take a bump tomorrow. WWE’s not going to let her take that bump. WWE felt that the best thing to do was keep her out of a physical active role.”

However, PWInsider has since gone on to say that “…something that I discussed on a PWInsider.com Elite audio for subscribers has been misconstrued and turned into ‘news’ credited to yours truly when nothing was ever reported.”

Basically, Mike Johnson, who tends to break a lot of inside wrestling stories, was talking about how he felt that Paige could leave WWE and return to the ring if she wanted, but she would be taking her health into her own hands. Many wrestling news websites ran with that, which is why Paige was forced to take to social media to clear things up.

Paige retired from in-ring competition in April 2018 due to a neck injury. She has since gone on to be the on-screen general manager of SmackDown Live. This has kept her on TV without requiring her to take bumps or perform any other physical activities on the show. Johnson also noted “how happy WWE is with her work in her current role” as GM, so it’s likely that we’ll see her stick around in the position for the time being.

Parallels are often drawn between Daniel Bryan’s situation and Paige’s, but the difference is that Paige is suffering from neck issues while Bryan had concussion problems. Bryan was able to get cleared after rigorous medical testing, but it’s unlikely that Paige will see a similar fate.