‘Riverdale’ Star Camila Mendes Shares Adorable Nickname Boyfriend Charles Melton Has For Her

Camila Mendes attends the People's Choice Awards on November 11, 2018.
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Camila Mendes, star of The CW’s hit TV show Riverdale, hit the red carpet on Sunday night for the People’s Choice Awards. There, she accepted the award for Drama Show of 2018 on behalf of the popular TV series. And though she attended the award show solo, her boyfriend — and co-star — Charles Melton teamed up with Jason Kennedy for an adorable surprise.

While stopping to talk to the E! News host, the 24-year-old NYU alum was shown footage of what she was told was question from a fan. But, in a hilarious turn of events, the video ended up being from Charles. In the footage, he asked his girlfriend to comment on what it was like to work together.

“It’s a lot, very intense,” Camila wittily answered, visibly shocked over her boyfriend’s surprise appearance. “You can’t talk to him, you can’t look at him. He only eats cashews rolled in cheese.”

The display of their cute relationship didn’t end there — Jason also revealed that Charles had requested a special red-carpet question for his girlfriend, asking her to explain who “baby dragon” is.

“I’m baby dragon! I’m just like a baby dragon,” Camila admitted, also sharing that it was Charles who gave her the adorable nickname based on her “cute but psycho” personality.

Camila further explained her pet name last night as she appeared on the E! Network talk show Busy Tonight, hosted by actress Busy Philipps.

“I can be quite… I guess just ferocious is the only word,” she said, laughing at her choice of words. “But it’s like a cute type of ferocious, you know? I’m Brazilian, we’re passionate and so sometimes it’s just like a little baby dragon comes out.”

Camila, who portrays the popular Archie comic book character Veronica Lodge on the TV adaptation, commiserated with Busy over the fact that they both sweat a lot — and not just in the gym. Mendes revealed a hilarious story from her audition for her Riverdale role, explaining what she did to combat underarm sweat on the big day.

“I was really nervous about my sweat, so I put paper towels under my shirt — not for the audition, but in the waiting room,” she shared, receiving laughs from the show host as well as the audience.

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The actress also talked up her new movie, The New Romantic, where she portrays a sugar baby — which is someone who dates older men in exchange for gifts.

Riverdale is currently in it’s third season, and airs on The CW. Interested parties can catch the show on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.