‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayley Erin Teases ‘Secrets Being Kept,’ Fans Speculate About Kiki Jerome’s Fate

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There has been a lot going on lately for Kiki Jerome on General Hospital, and spoilers suggest that even bigger things are on the horizon. Kiki is on the outs with her mom Ava, but she’s in the early stages of a full-fledged romance with Griffin. Her supposed sister Sasha is ready to shake things up on this front, however, and now actress Hayley Erin is teasing that there’s big stuff on the way for her character of Kiki.

As the Inquisitr shared a while back. Hayley Erin landed a role on the Pretty Little Liars spinoff titled The Perfectionists. Those working on the new show have been pretty secretive regarding what everybody can expect, especially when it comes to Erin’s new character.

There is still no character name for Hayley’s Perfectionists role revealed, but IMDb indicates that she’ll be in all 10 episodes that are slated to be filmed so far. Everybody else’s character name has been publicized, so those anxious to check this one out can sense that the General Hospital star’s role will be a juicy one.

Back when news of this new role first emerged, Hayley indicated that she hoped to do both the new show and continue playing Kiki on General Hospital. Spoilers have started to swirl, however, that the actress may be leaving soon after all. This hasn’t been confirmed anywhere yet, but a lot of fans are wondering if Kiki might be killed off as Ryan’s murder spree continues.

Now, General Hospital fans are buzzing over a new tweet from Hayley. A few days ago, Erin tweeted that she knows she’s been away from social media for a bit, but that there’s been a lot going on in her life. She added that there are a lot of secrets being kept and she sent her love to everybody who needs it at the moment.

Obviously, the actress teasing that she’s been keeping secrets generated a lot of speculation. Based on the responses Erin’s tweet garnered, it looks like General Hospital fans are slowly coming to terms with the idea of Hayley leaving their beloved soap so she can focus on her new Perfectionists role.

Unfortunately, Erin didn’t share any teasers beyond that one tweet. A little over a month ago, she did share a photo showing her with the Perfectionists cast, and it’s known they’ve been working on the show in Portland, Oregon.

At the very least, it sounds as if viewers can expect to see less of Kiki on-screen in the coming weeks if she sticks with the show to accommodate her work in Portland. Given how her storyline is moving forward right now, unfortunately, it certainly looks like killing off Kiki could sync up pretty well with when Hayley heads to Portland to continue working on the new show.

One way or another, fans should get a more solid sense of what comes next for Kiki soon. As for Hayley Erin’s role on The Perfectionists, the new series is slated to debut on Freeform in 2019 and fans cannot wait to check it out. Will General Hospital find a way to keep Kiki alive and Hayley Erin in the role or is this one of the secrets the actress is keeping about her character meeting an untimely death soon?