Inmate Gets Caught With Phone In Rectum After Guards Hear Ringing

Talk about a butt dial… A Sri Lankan inmate was caught with a phone in his rectum after he received a call inside the prison.

Guards heard the phone ringing and eventaully traced the noise to the man’s rectum. reports that prisoners at the Welikada jail are not allowed to have cellphones, so when guards came to inspect the convict’s cell, he did the only logical thing: He shoved the phone up his rectum.

Unfortunately, the man got a call during the inspection.

According to Raw Story, the 58-year-old convict was taken to the hospital in Colombo to get an X-ray. The prisoner admitted that he had hid a phone in his rectum after the doctor’s caught him brown-handed.

An official said:

“The man had concealed the phone inside his person. Unfortunately for him, the phone rang at the wrong time and guards knew he had a phone at the wrong end.”

The man remained in the hospital for two days as doctors worked to remove the phone. Once the object was removed from his rectum he was brought back to the Welikada jail to finish his 10-year term for theft.

It’s unclear if the man will have additional time added on to his sentence for getting caught with a phone inside the prison.