Dog The Bounty Hunter Finds Tiger Woods’ Ex-Mistress ‘Unconscious’ After Seven-Day Search, Reported ‘Radar’

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Tiger Woods’ troubled ex-mistress Jamie Jungers was allegedly found by Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth Chapman in an alleged “drug house,” reported Radar Online.

Dog and Chapman, who reportedly searched for Jungers for one week, located Woods’ former love, who was “dazed, confused and disheveled” in the home, reported Radar.

Jungers has reportedly fallen on tough times since her split from Woods in 2009, reported the entertainment news site.

In November 2016, she was arrested for three failed court appearances and spent 13 days behind bars. She admitted at one time, as reported by Radar, that she was addicted to both alcohol and pills.

The former Las Vegas lingerie model was involved with the golf pro for 18 months, stated Radar.

The New York Post reported back in 2009 that Jungers was bitter after her breakup with Woods. During that time, Jungers appeared on Today and said that being a superstar golfer’s mistress didn’t lead to the happy ending she had hoped for.

“I didn’t even get a birthday card,” she said at the time. “I got nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart.”

During the interview, she also admitted to asking the multimillionaire sports idol for money.

“The one time out of the whole year and a half I was with Tiger, I asked him, ‘Can you please help me out?'” Jungers said to Today. “I didn’t give him a dollar amount. I didn’t say, ‘Can you buy me a house?’ I wasn’t specific about what I needed, but I did say, ‘Can you help me out?’

“He said, ‘I can’t.’ I said, ‘I don’t understand.’ I thought maybe he was joking. I was already embarrassed to ask about it. He said, ‘I can’t,'” she continued.

“And that’s when I told him, ‘That shows how much I mean to you, and I can’t do this anymore. I’m already in a rough position in my life, and I have more drama and that’s what I don’t need,'” Jungers alleged at the time.

Jungers allegedly met Woods when she was 21 when he spotted her at a Vegas nightclub and sent over a VIP hostess to let her know he wanted to meet her. He was married to wife Elin Nordegren at the time.

Nordegren would later famously chase Woods out of the house they shared with a golf club after learning he’d been unfaithful with a New York City nightclub hostess named Rachel Uchitel in 2009. Woods reportedly fled from his home under the influence of Ambien after the disturbance in a car, crashing the vehicle into a tree.

Elin Nordgeren and Tiger Woods in happier times.
Elin Nordgeren and Tiger Woods in happier times, circa 2007.Featured image credit: Harry HowGetty Images

The New York Post reported that Woods was later outed in the press as a serial cheater, with upwards of 14 known mistresses. The Post reported that Woods lost endorsements with Nike, Gatorade, Gillette, and Accenture after the scandal. The athlete later entered rehab for sex addiction.

Nordegren would divorce Woods in 2010 after six years of marriage. The couple shares two children: daughter Sam Alexis and son Charlie Axel.