Farrah Abraham Puts Her Curvy Backside On Full Display In Sexy Thong Bathing Suit

Farrah Abraham attends DailyMail.com Holiday Party
Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Farrah Abraham continues to show off her bikini body via social media. The former Teen Mom OG star took to her Instagram story on Monday to share a snapshot of herself rocking a purple thong one-piece and showcasing her famous curves.

According to a Nov. 13 report by Daily Mail, Farrah Abraham is pictured wearing a skimpy purple thong bathing suit, which shows off her curvy backside as she sits on a dock in the Maldives and looks out over the ocean.

The reality TV star’s toned back and arms are also on full display, as well as her new, long, platinum blonde hair. As many fans who following Abraham on social media know, she has been vacationing in the Maldives with her daughter Sophia for the past week.

Farrah was originally supposed to head to Atlantic City last weekend to fight in a celebrity boxing match against former Flavor of Love star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, but she backed out of the charity event at the last minute, claiming that the promoters were not holding up their end of the contract.

So, instead, she headed to the tropical paradise of the Maldives, where she and Sophia have been living it up.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah Abraham defended herself for dropping out of the match by claiming that she was being treated poorly and that the promoters did not book flights and hotel rooms for the members of her entourage like they said they would.

“Damon has been threatening my career and threatening lawsuits when he is not delivering on his end. Upon him making a mockery of the anti bully match, and by he himself acting like a bully and being found guilty and having been to jail for beating up his girlfriend, this promoter has lied about buying the flights & will not provide me any security. As a mother, I stand firm and I will not tolerate illegal, unsafe, or bullying behavior, the promoters and all associated are in breach on their part,” Abraham stated.

Farrah was eventually replaced, and the celebrity boxing match took place without her, crowning “Hoopz” the champion. Abraham’s former Teen Mom OG co-star Catelynn Lowell was in attendance for the match and revealed via social media that she was annoyed that Farrah had backed out, revealing she wanted to see “Hoopz” beat her fair and square.

Farrah Abraham is now reportedly facing a lawsuit for backing out of the fight.