Here’s The Royal Family’s Most Popular Member: Hint, You Know Him Well

America's addition to the family, Meghan Markle, didn't do so well.

harry is the most popular member of the royal family
Gareth Fuller - WPA Pool / Getty Images

America's addition to the family, Meghan Markle, didn't do so well.

The most popular member of the Royal Family has been revealed, according to a nationwide poll of Brits, and unfortunately, America’s import to the centuries-old ruling family, Meghan Markle, didn’t perform very well.

As Irish magazine Her reports, someone – it’s not clear who – polled the British public to ask them who they love the most among the ruling Windsors.

The core of the Royal Family took most of the top spots, of course. And here, the “core” of the family refers to Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip; her oldest son and first in line to the throne, Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles; and Charles’ two sons (Prince William and Prince Harry) and their wives (Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, respectively). Most of the outliers, like the Queen’s other children (Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward) and their spouses and children, didn’t make the cut. Neither did the Royal Family’s youngest members, Princes Louis and George and Princess Charlotte, probably because asking people to pick a favorite among children would be weird.

So who is the most popular member of the Royal Family?

The answer is right there in the feature image for this article: it’s Prince Harry, who got a whopping 77 percent of the vote. What’s more, 86 percent of British women picked him as their top choice, while 69 percent of British men liked him the best.

So why did Harry draw top honors and not his older brother, who will actually rule England one day? In the poll, fans described him as “admirable, likable, humorous, fun-loving and genuine.” Reading between the lines a little bit, that would suggest that the British public collectively believes none of those things about Prince William.

When you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Prince William will one day be the King of England, after his father, and as such, he has a mountain of responsibility on his shoulders. He must walk an extremely fine line between being dignified and elegant, while also being accessible and approachable. Harry, on the other hand, still must behave in a certain way, of course. But much of the pressure that bedevils his brother and sister-in-law doesn’t apply to him, and he’s free to lighten up just a little.

And the British public has noticed.

Unfortunately for Americans, our contribution to the family, Meghan Markle, only came in sixth, coming in a percentage point behind Prince Philip.

So from top to bottom, here are the results:

  1. Prince Harry
  2. Queen Elizabeth
  3. Prince William
  4. Kate Middleton
  5. Prince Philip
  6. Meghan Markle
  7. Prince Charles
  8. Princess Anne (Charles’ younger sister)
  9. Zara Phillips (Anne’s daughter)
  10. Camilla Parker-Bowles