Trump To Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, “You’re Fired!”

Before Donald Trump became president, he was best known for his role on the reality TV franchise, “The Apprentice.” At the end of each episode leading up to the season finale, at least one person would be deemed unfit to continue. Trump was branded with his catch phrase, “You’re Fired!”

During his term as president, the people who served in the role of Homeland Secretary must feel a little like contestants on “The Apprentice.” Business Insider explains why in the article, “It looks like Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is headed out the door — and it could happen as soon as this week.”

“If I were advising the White House I’d encourage them to nominate someone with executive branch experience,” one senior Homeland Security official said to The Post. “This will be our fourth secretary in two years. The last thing we want is someone who needs hand-holding.”

The revolving door at the Department of Homeland Security indicates that either there are no qualified people who want the job, the President has a problem with the selection process, or there is something about the job people are finding objectionable once they take it. In Nielsen’s case, it could be a little from all three columns.

“Nielsen’s role in the Trump administration has been uncertain for some time. She reportedly drafted a resignation letter in May. Trump is believed to have berated her in front of other cabinet officials over his belief that she did a poor job securing the US-Mexico border, former officials said in a New York Times report.”

Nielsen is said to share the president’s frustration with the immigrant situation. Though reports of the letter have since been denied by the Homeland Secretary spokesperson.


It is very likely that any incoming Secretary will be occupied with the border wall and the advancing migrant caravan. BuzzFeed News reported that the caravan of asylum seekers has reached the US border. Jeff Sessions was also a vocal supporter of Trump’s policies, accusing the asylum seekers as making a “deliberate attempt to undermine our laws and overwhelm our system.”

Sessions seemed to indicate that seeking asylum was a loophole in the law that needed to be filled. Amnesty International reminded Sessions that, “seeking asylum is not a crime in the USA or anywhere.”

Don’t expect Sessions to be filling the soon to be vacant Homeland Security Secretary position. He was just forced out by Trump days ago from his old job as Attorney General. Being a strong supporter of Trump’s policies is no guarantee of job security in the Trump administration. There, everyone is an apprentice.