‘Baki’ Season 3, Episode 21 Spoilers: Baki Humiliates Yanagi & Sikorsky In 2-On-1 Battle, Jack Starts Hunting

Keisuke Itagaki (AKITASHOTEN)1992Netflix

Baki Season 3 Episode 21, which is currently available at Netflix, featured the continuation of the battle between Baki Hanma and two of the most dangerous death row inmates, Ryuukou Yanagi and Sikorsky. Despite being outnumbered, Baki clearly held the upper hand in the fight. The enemies were unable to move when they realized the huge change on Baki after Kozue turned him into a real man.

Baki ripped several parts of his enemies’ bodies using Yanagi’s technique. While they are fighting, Hanayama arrived to watch and congratulated Kozue for “winning.” Hanayama also noticed that Baki became stronger and credited it all to Kozue. Instead of completely defeating the enemy, Baki decided to run away with Kozue, saying that he doesn’t have to win or prove that he’s the strongest. The only thing that matters to Baki is the safety of Kozue.

Hanayama was left in the park with the two death row inmates, but he doesn’t show any interest in beating either Yanagi or Sikorsky. Despite not suffering the taste of defeat, Yanagi and Sikorsky felt humiliated by Baki’s action, believing it’s more embarrassing than an actual loss.

Baki Season 3 Episode 21 also showed Katsumi Orochi bidding farewell to his enemy-turned-friend Hector Doyle. Katsumi helped Doyle board a ship heading to the Middle East. Before Doyle left, he asked Katsumi to teach him one karate technique. In just a short period of time, Doyle managed to use Seiken and vowed to practice it every day. Katsumi gave Doyle his black belt as a gift and to further inspire him to learn karate.

Baki Season 3, Episode 21 also featured an unexpected encounter between Yanagi and Doyle. Before the ship left the port, Yanagi appeared in front of Doyle and told him that what he did was a huge embarrassment for a man who is considered as one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Yanagi and Doyle engaged in a fight. Using his poison palm, Yanagi succeeded to blind one of Doyle’s eyes.

After losing both of his eyes, Doyle can’t attack nor defend himself. Yanagi decided to finish Doyle using his katana. However, he was surprised that his katana can’t cut Doyle’s arm. It was later revealed that Doyle’s arm was made of steel. When Yanagi attempted another attack, Doyle managed to dodge, but he fell into the sea.

The final scenes of Baki Season 3 Episode 21 showed a flashback of Sikorsky and one of his victims, Russian hero Alexander Garland. After the flashback, Sikorsky met Jack Hanma and decided to fight him in a comfort room. Sikorsky managed to land the first blow, but Jack proved to be more powerful. The episode ended with Sikorsky and Jack facing each other inside a telephone booth.