Guest Arrested At Epcot After Dragging Her Child Through A Bathroom, Dents Cop Car With Her Head

Danny Cox

Walt Disney World is supposed to be a magical place where people go to have fun and forget their problems, but reality is still something that seeps in. A female guest recently visited Epcot and ended up having the police called on her after she was seen dragging a child through a bathroom in the park. After police arrived, her aggression only grew and things became worse to the point where she dented a cop car with her head.

Click Orlando reported that last week, 34-year-old Sara Villar was in Epcot with her children when another guest witnessed something disturbing. Villar was dragging her child by a harness that was attached to the body of the child.

Villar began dragging the crying child into a bathroom while still yelling at the boy or girl. The age and gender of the child were not released by authorities. Due to dragging the child by the harness, the child ended up hitting his or her head on the floor of one of the bathrooms in Epcot.

A witness at Epcot said the child was indeed crying and Hot News 247 confirmed that Villar continued to yell at the child while she dragged him or her. Once police arrived at the park and found Villar, things only escalated from there.

Deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrived at Epcot and eventually located Villar with the child. She simply told them, “I just want to leave the park” and wouldn’t give her name. The report from the police stated she was pushing a stroller through the park and there was at least one child in it.

As police continued to speak with Villar, she allegedly became combative with them and turned the stroller away. It was reported that the “aggressive manner” in which she turned the stroller caused at least one child to fall out.

Police continued to try and get Villar to identify herself while also attempting to calm her down, but she wouldn’t. It was that time that the police escorted her out of Epcot and over to a patrol car which took yet another strange turn.

After arriving at the vehicle, Villar struck the patrol car with her head so hard that authorities say she left a large dent in it.

Sara Villar was arrested on charges of child abuse and criminal mischief after the incident inside and outside of Epcot. Someone thought a child may have been in danger after seeing the boy or girl dragged by a harness into a bathroom, and that resulted in the police responding. From there, Villar ended up denting a patrol car with her head and going to jail after spending a day in Walt Disney World.