Tyler, The Creator, Responds To Jaden Smith Calling Him His Boyfriend, ‘You A Crazy N***a’

Christopher PolkGetty Images for NARAS

Jaden Smith stunned his fans during a recent performance when he seemingly opened up about being gay or bisexual and in a relationship with Tyler, the Creator. There has been a fair amount of confusion on what seemed like an admission, however, and Tyler himself appears to be discounting the declaration of love that Smith made.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier, during a recent performance Jaden Smith said that Tyler, the Creator was his boyfriend. After the supposed reveal, the actor and rapper took to his Twitter page and said that Tyler couldn’t deny it now that Smith shared it with everybody.

A few hours later, Tyler, the Creator responded to Jaden’s tweet. He kept it simple, telling Smith “hahaha you a crazy n*gga man.” Jaden’s original post was retweeted more than 5,000 times and liked almost 30,000 times, and Tyler’s post has been liked 12,000 times and shared nearly 1,500 times.

Based on the reactions across social media, it seems fair to say that this situation has caused a fair amount of confusion among fans of Jaden’s and Tyler’s. When it comes to Tyler the Creator, he’s been open for a while now about having had relationships with men in the past. In that sense, it wouldn’t necessarily be shocking then for him to be with Smith, except a lot of Tyler’s fans have presumed he’s already in a relationship with someone else.

There has been speculation for some time now that Smith may be gay or bisexual, and his announcement at his performance was perceived to be a confirmation of what many have wondered for a while. As Hot New Hip Hop notes, however, there are people who were at that performance who say that things weren’t quite as black-and-white as some reports make it sound.

According to Uproxx, right after this supposed reveal about being gay, Jaden actually brought Nashville star Odessa Adlon up on stage for emotional support. Jaden and Odessa are said to be dating, and it seems that this would pretty thoroughly counter the premise that Tyler is currently Jaden’s boyfriend. In addition, video clips of the moment in question show that Tyler was shaking his head “no” and laughing as Smith made his major “announcement” about his “boyfriend.”

It looks like most people are feeling pretty confident that Jaden, if not both Jaden and Tyler, were essentially trolling fans with this. Jaden did laugh a bit as he started to make this big revelation, and Tyler’s response in the audience didn’t exactly look like something an actual boyfriend would do. Some are excited about what they think is big news of these two being romantically involved, but it seems almost certain that this wasn’t intended to be taken seriously.

Jaden and Tyler are good friends and it sounds as if Smith does have a lot of love for his pal. Tyler’s tweet in response to Smith’s doesn’t exactly deny that the two are a couple, and he’s typically been pretty private about his relationships. However, it doesn’t sound as if Jaden Smith’s announcement about Tyler the Creator actually being his boyfriend was anything more than an in-the-moment joke or a bit of trolling for his ever-speculating fans.