Celebs React To Stan Lee's Death, Including Chris Evans, Kaley Cuoco, Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen & More

Trisha Faulkner

Stan Lee, the visionary for several iconic Marvel Comics characters, has passed away today (November 12). As previously reported by the Inquisitr, his cause of death has yet to be confirmed. Reports, however, do indicate Lee was rushed to the hospital via ambulance where he later passed away.

As Marvel fans know, Lee was notorious about having cameos in all Marvel films. He even has a cameo in Avengers 4, which is slated with a theatrical release day in May of 2019.

He is credited as the co-creator of Captain America, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Thor, and many other characters.

Stan Lee and "rest in peace" are both currently trending as friends and fans pay their final respects. Unsurprisingly, a very star-studded collection of tributes started to pour in shortly after news of his death broke.

Stan Lee left behind a net worth of $50 million at the time of his passing. He is survived by his daughter, J.C. Joan Lee, his wife of 69 years, passed away a year ago.

Chris Evans, known best for his role as Captain America, was one of many celebrities who paid tribute to Stan on Twitter.

"There will never be another Stan Lee. For decades he provided both young and old with adventure, escape, comfort, confidence, inspiration, strength, friendship and joy. He exuded love and kindness and will leave an indelible mark on so, so, so many lives. Excelsior!"

Robert Downey Jr., who stepped into the role of Iron Man in 2008, also paid tribute to Lee:

"We've lost a creative genius," Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman lamented in his tribute:

Rest in peace, Stan Lee.