WWE Superstar Luke Harper Spotted With Cast On Left Hand


For a while, the WWE was pushing the Bludgeon Brothers as the hottest thing in the tag team division. However, when Erick Rowan — one half of the monster team — succumbed to the injury bug with a bicep tear, the team’s push was stopped dead in its tracks.

Luke Harper, the other half of the team, hasn’t been on TV since August when Rowan went down with the injury. Originally, it was assumed that the WWE just didn’t have anything for Harper to do at the moment, since he’s primarily been pushed as a tag team wrestler.

However, a new photo of the Superstar has emerged on Twitter — showing him with a pretty beefy cast covering his left hand. Harper was attending a Brad Williams comedy show, and the comedian tweeted a photo with Harper’s cast clearly on display, as Wrestling Inc details.

While Luke Harper hasn’t been on TV since August, he has made special appearances at NXT house shows — losing to North American Champion Ricochet in September. It could have been during these matches that Harper suffered the potential injury to his hand.

The exact extent of Harper’s apparent injury isn’t known at this time, nor do fans have a timetable for when they can expect to see him back in the ring. Observers do know that Rowan underwent surgery for the bicep injury at the end of August, as reported by WWE.com.

The news was first posted on August 22, 2018, and reads, “The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion is currently scheduled to undergo surgery to repair the injury this week.” Based on an average timetable of three to four months to heal from a torn bicep surgery, Rowan could actually be ready to go at the end of November — but their return could be delayed by Harper’s apparent injury.

As reported by the Inquisitr, there were talks of reuniting Bray Wyatt — who also hasn’t been on TV in quite a while since losing his tag team partner Matt Hardy — and Luke Harper to bring back the Wyatt family. Harper being injured could explain why those plans never came to fruition, and why Wyatt has remained off television.

Unfortunately, Harper’s Twitter account doesn’t provide any insight as to his current physical condition, being filled mostly by cryptic tweets stating, “It’s Monday. You know what that means,” and “What is The Sweetz?”

However, he isn’t hiding the cast, as he did re-tweet the photo where fans first noticed the potential injury.