Mueller’s Team Working On Veterans Day, Trump’s Former Lawyer Cohen Spotted In D.C. As Indictment Buzz Grows

Yana PaskovaGetty Images

Monday is a federal holiday as Veterans Day is observed, but sources are reporting that at least some members of Robert Mueller’s legal team are working anyway. In addition, President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen was spotted arriving in Washington, D.C. on Monday — with a criminal defense lawyer by his side. While Cohen didn’t comment on the purpose for his trip, some wonder if he’s meeting with Mueller’s team.

Some political observers have been speculating that there might be indictments revealed this week, now that the midterm elections are over. Special counsel head Robert Mueller — and his team — had been following the standing policy of the Justice Department to keep investigations relatively quiet ahead of elections, but people are anticipating signs of action now that the elections are over.

These new tidbits that were noticed on Monday are doing little to quieten the speculation about possible indictments being on the horizon. Marshall Cohen of CNN shared via Twitter that at least five prosecutors on Mueller’s team are said to be in the downtown Washington, D.C. offices, working on Monday.

As those who have been following the investigation know, Mueller and his team are notoriously tight-lipped. Nobody is going to be dishing on why the team is working on a federal holiday — or what might be emerging soon in terms of developments. However, the timing of having Cohen hit D.C. on Monday as well did not go unnoticed.

ABC News shared video via Twitter showing Trump’s former legal counsel arriving in Washington, D.C. on Monday morning. The network details that one of his criminal defense lawyers was with him, but neither of them answered any questions about the visit.

Reporters asked Cohen if he was in Washington to meet with Mueller, and he ignored the questions. Cohen also ignored questions about whether he might be meeting with Trump, who is back in D.C. after his trip to Paris, and who reportedly has no public events scheduled for the day. When asked how the train ride was Monday morning, Cohen smiled and said it was fine.

Of course, Cohen’s appearance in Washington, D.C. on Monday could have nothing to do with Mueller’s investigation — and it may not be noteworthy that some of the special counsel team is working on a federal holiday. However, the two tidbits are generating a fair amount of buzz across Twitter, and people will be anxious to see what developments regarding the investigation might emerge this week.