‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Dante Returns, Sonny Wonders, And Sasha Gets Defensive With Kiki

Craig SjodinGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 12 suggest that there are some enticing developments on the horizon. Monday’s show is a special episode based entirely on Sonny, and teasers note that there will be references to both Dante — and perhaps even Hayden — pulled into the mix of things this week.

The show’s Twitter page teased a sneak peek into Monday’s episode. This one will be a standalone episode that focuses on Sonny wondering what his life would have been like if he hadn’t taken the path in life that he did. This was apparently created to honor actor Maurice Benard’s 25th anniversary with the show, and viewers will get to see Benard’s real-life son, Joshua, portray him during his younger days.

In addition to Benard’s son guest-starring on the November 12 show, viewers will get to see Dominic Zamprogna back as Dante. General Hospital spoilers, via the Inquisitr, had revealed that Dom was back to film an episode — and viewers wondered if this would bring some developments with regards to Lulu and her troubled marriage with Dante.

Instead, his return is incorporated into this show. A preview from ABC reveals that Dante and Sam ended up together in this alternate reality. SheKnows Soaps teases that viewers will see Julian in a position of power in this what-if scenario, and that fans will see Dante working for Ava and Julian in the mob as Sonny shows frustration over his son’s choice of career path.

As the week moves forward, General Hospital spoilers detail that Carly will be struggling to track down Sonny — and Jason will have some news to share. Jordan and Curtis will be working on finalizing their wedding plans, and Drew will do something special for his pal Curtis.

Anna will be getting impatient, perhaps with Britt and the deal that they struck, and Elizabeth is going to be feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. Liz is struggling with challenges related to both Cameron and Aiden these days, and General Hospital spoilers note that she’s facing a shocker as the week plays out.

Sasha is turning out to be something different from the sweet family addition that Nina and Kiki initially believed — and General Hospital spoilers reveal that there’s a confrontation ahead between Kiki and Sasha. Kiki isn’t going to sit back and let her supposed sister just steal away Griffin, and things will get intense as this plays out.

Viewers will see Sasha and Laura interact, which could lead to some interesting developments, and Sam will be lending her support to Michael. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny will plead with Margaux — and there is speculation swirling that things could shift in big ways between these two soon.

Fans get some scenes between Franco and Scotty during the week of November 12, and these two always deliver fantastic stuff. Soap Central details that Monica will open up to someone about her personal challenges, and that Peter is going to get an invitation of sorts. Nina will be fired up, but it’s not known yet who’s on the receiving end of her anger.

General Hospital spoilers have also teased that Hayden will be reaching out to Finn, and it sounds as if that may come at some point this week. There’s no sign at this point that Rebecca Budig is necessarily returning to the role of Hayden, but her sending Finn a message could still shake things up in interesting ways.

Additional General Hospital spoilers will become available as the week continues. There are said to be big twists and turns on the way — and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next.