This Will Be Princess Charlotte’s Royal Job Description, And It’s A Doozy

Andrew MatthewsGetty Images

Princess Charlotte may be the fourth in line for the British Throne — behind her grandfather Prince Charles, her father Prince William, and her brother Prince George — but if history is any indication with regards to her future responsibilities, she will lead a very busy life as she grows into her royal duties.

Pop Sugar reported that she will likely live a life of service, much like that of the royal women who have led similar lives in the British Monarchy.

The site reported that Princess Margaret — the younger daughter of George VI and sister to the Queen — and Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter, both undertook a huge number of public engagements. Princess Anne was reportedly the busiest of all of the working royals at Buckingham Palace.

As Princess Charlotte grows into her royal duties — beginning as early as age 12 — she will be given more and more responsibility as the daughter of the future King and Queen of England.

That was the age when both her father, Prince William, and his brother, Prince Harry, escalated their royal roles into more public roles than private affairs, while still maintaining some semblance of a normal life outside of the lens of the paparazzi. This was due to the strict enforcement of their mother, Princess Diana.

After Diana’s death, Buckingham Palace allowed both boys the chance to attend school and to live a life out of the limelight — unless they were required to attend a royal function.

Pop Sugar reported that while the Palace hasn’t confirmed anything about Charlotte’s future duties, it would appear that she would, like her parents before her, have a schedule that includes official engagements. The most common iterations of such engagements include visits at home and abroad, public appearances, and Palace events.

Also, like most royal women, Princess Charlotte will likely take on a patronage role — supporting several charities as she grows older, depending on what causes she would like to lend her name to.

Pop Sugar also noted that because Princess Charlotte is in the direct line of ascension, rather than descended from a younger son, she will likely be a full-time royal her entire life. This is in stark contrast to her cousins — Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie — or of Zara Tindall, all of whom were able to lead non-royal full-time careers.

Princess Charlotte is also is the next person eligible to be given the title of Princess Royal, a title which is currently held by Princess Anne.

The site reported that this title, in particular, is traditionally given to the eldest daughter of a monarch, but can only be held by one living person at a time.

Pop Sugar noted that only seven women in the history of England have held the title of Princess Royal.