Shauna Sexton Flaunts Midriff, Jokes About Drinking As She Avoids Ben Affleck Chaos During London Vacation

David BeckerGetty Images for Playboy

Ben Affleck’s ex-girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, is spending time traveling right now. She is apparently engaging in something of an effort to avoid the chaos playing out back in California, the drama in question being related to her former beau and all of the media attention their relationship had garnered. In Sexton’s latest Instagram post, she’s flashing a peek at her stunning figure — and she added a caption that might seem like a dig of sorts at Affleck.

There are rumors swirling that Ben Affleck may have headed back to rehab this past weekend, although GossipCop says that is not the case. Affleck was at a fan event in San Antonio over the weekend — and was posting to his Instagram account — but there is definitely a lot of attention being paid to his activities and addiction issues these days.

While Shauna Sexton was still at her home in California, she was constantly being dogged by paparazzi. As the buzz about her apparent split from Affleck made headlines, the Inquisitr noted that she initially tried to discount the rumors, insinuating that there had been no split. Since then, however, it’s looked pretty clear that the two did indeed end their relationship.

A few days ago, Sexton revealed that she was heading off on a vacation. The Inquisitr relayed that she joked about having a “quarter-life crisis,” and that she’s been hitting all of the big tourist spots in London since she arrived.

In Shauna’s latest Instagram post, she shares another shot of her excursions in London — and in this one, she’s flaunting her Playboy model figure. Sexton is wearing tight black leggings, and a crop top that showcases her taut abs. She’s got a smile on her face as she casually embraces the tourist scene.

Sexton’s caption is surely raising a few eyebrows, considering her past with Affleck and his recent addiction issues. Shauna wrote that it’s acceptable to be drunk around the clock in London — and that she respects that.

The Playboy model’s followers seemed to get a chuckle out of her post, and hundreds liked it within minutes of it having gone live.

Based on her latest Instagram Stories, it looks as if Shauna’s time in London is over — but her vacation isn’t. She shared some shots showing her flying to Doha, which is the capital of Qatar. Fans will be anxious to see what she posts from her time there, and whether or not her vacation includes any other exotic locations.

Will the paparazzi attention fade by the time that Shauna Sexton returns home to California? A lot of that will probably depend on how quietly Ben Affleck is able to move forward in his own individual life, and where his romantic life heads next.