Neil Young Makes Wild, Fiery Comments Over Donald Trump’s Handling Of The Wildfire In California

Justin SullivanGetty Images

Neil Young is flaming mad and torched the “so called” president with incendiary comments that fanned the flames of climate politics.

In HuffPost article “Rock Legend Neil Young Scorches ‘So-Called President’ Trump Over Wildfires,” the explanation for the outburst was made clear.

“Last week, Trump blamed the fire damage on ‘gross mismanagement’ of forests in California and threatened to cut off federal funding. In response, Young slammed ‘our so-called president,’ saying the real reason wasn’t mismanagement, but climate change.”

Young was already emotional about the wildfire as he lost his home in the blaze. So it is easy to see why he got more than a little hot under the collar when the president blamed the fire on the state’s mismanagement, and by implication, blaming the victims who elected the state government in the first place.

Young cites climate change as the real culprit.

“Our temperatures are higher than ever here in our hottest summer on record. That has not helped. DT seems to be the Denier. (I’m holding back and not using the word liar just because it rhymes with denier). It really is time for a reckoning with this unfit leader. Maybe our new Congress can help. I sure hope so.”

The death toll is now over 30. Nearly 6,700 buildings were destroyed in the southern region and over 150,000 people were displaced from their homes. Californians have reason to be critical of a presidential response that threatens to turn up the heat by cutting off funds.

The Trump administration has a history of denying human-caused climate change. As recently as October, Trump made it clear in television interviews that he believes the scientists who are pushing human-caused climate change have a “very big political agenda.”

In the 60 Minutes interview, Trump did say that he was not denying the reality of climate change. But that he thinks it could reverse itself given time. The climate change he is not denying is natural rather than human-made climate change. He then claimed not to know of any scientists who believed climate change was caused by humans save for those with political agendas. The implication is that the scientists who agree with him are free from political bias.

Back in August, US News and World Report noted that wildfires in California are getting worse, with the frequency and severity at an all-time high. Climate change was the key factor cited for the increase.