Jinger Vuolo Shares Sweet Tribute To Grandma Duggar On Instagram


Jinger Vuolo loves her Grandma Duggar, and she showed her how much in a touching tribute she posted on social media over the weekend. This comes after the Vuolos just spent some time with her, as well as the rest of the family in Arkansas.

The Instagram post was sent along with a photo of Jinger, her grandma, and baby Felicity. Jinger’s firstborn is sitting on her great-grandmother’s lap. It was a sweet photo of three generations of Duggar women. One person noted that the only thing that was missing from the photo was Michelle.

Felicity was all smiles as usual. She seemed to be quite excited about their visit to her mom’s home state. They traveled from Texas on November 3 to Oklahoma for the wedding of brother John David and his new wife, Abbie Grace Burnett. Jinger and Jeremy then went back to Arkansas to spend a little extra time with the family that she misses so much. Jinger had this to say about Mary Duggar.

“I am so thankful for my grandma. She has been such an example to me by her faithfulness in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost around her. I have such fond memories of witnessing together, thrift shopping together, running errands together and just chatting about life with this precious woman. What a godly heritage! It was a joy to spend time with her when we were last in AR.”

Fans were moved by how thoughtful the Duggar daughter is when they read the post. Some even reminisced about their own grandmothers as well.

The Duggar family enjoyed their visit with the Vuolos, especially being able to spend time with their 4-month-old baby girl. Jinger had shared another snapshot of uncles Justin, Jedidiah, and Jason playing with her daughter. They are quite entranced by their little niece.

Felicity is seen wearing the knitted head wear that she has been donning since she’s been born. Jinger loves to dress her up in them, which had previously caused some mom-shaming on social media slamming her for putting them on the child’s head. Duggar fans were quick in responding to them that she can dress her baby girl any way she wants to.

In the most recent photo with Grandma Duggar, Felicity is wearing a warmer knit cap with her name imprinted on it. Whatever she has on, she is cute as a button and fans go crazy over her expressions.

Jinger Duggar has been posting a few more photos now that Felicity is getting bigger, so stay tuned for more to come.