Thomas Ravenel Posts On Instagram That He Is Done With Ashley Jacobs For Good

Rodolfo MartinezBravotv

Just when Thomas Ravenel seems to be following legal advice and steering clear of social media, he dumps his sometimes girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, seemingly for good on social media. The odd part is that he shared a photo from a steeplechase event that took place today, and posted that he will have “nothing to do with her” on Instagram.

Ravenel is known for his habit of “tweeting and deleting,” but this time he chose his Instagram account before he deleted it. He complained in the post that his on again, off again girlfriend had finally crossed the line by badmouthing the mother of his two children, Kathryn Dennis. He called Jacobs’ behavior “horrendous” and said he was finally done with the part-time nurse who moved from Santa Barbara to Charleston just to live near him.

He continued in his post which included a photo of the couple which shows both of them smiling. He added that he had told her not to speak ill of Dennis, but nothing worked, including rewarding her with jewelry, gifts, and the payment of her rent. He concluded by saying that he hopes that Ashley Jacobs will get help, but he’s done.

It’s still unclear what set Thomas Ravenel off today after an afternoon that looks like a fun day out in the fresh air with good food and drink. But maybe the former Southern Charm star is finally deciding that it’s best to focus on his upcoming trial for sexual assault alleged by the family nanny.

Sources who were in the courtroom this week say that Judge Stephen Harris made the determination this week to bind Ravenel’s case over for trial, meaning the former politician will have his day in court, assuming his lawyer doesn’t manage to arrange a plea bargain in the meantime.

The chief detective in the case, Charleston’s Christopher Malinowski, shared graphic testimony about the alleged attack saying that the victim claimed she was injured and violated while working for Ravenel. The detective continued saying that the victim had handed over an old cell phone with pictures, which were time-stamped, and correspondence which corroborated her story. He said that the initial outcry was confirmed by the alleged victim’s daughter, husband, and Kathryn Dennis, who are all expected to testify.

Ravenel has broken things off with Ashley Jacobs before, and then quickly worked things out. But this time, the stakes are higher, as he is facing jail time if he loses his trial.