Melania Trump Reportedly Thinks Michelle Obama’s ‘Diss’ About Bullying Comments Is ‘Really Sad,’ Per ‘HL’

Michael Loccisano / Ethan MillerGetty Images

Melania Trump made waves when she made the statement, “I could say I’m the most bullied person in the world. One of them. If you could see what people really say about me.” She made this statement during her first-ever sit-down interview in her role. The first lady’s fans agreed, while some criticized her comments as being an exaggeration.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama stated that she couldn’t relate to what Melania said about being bullied, according to the Hollywood Life.

“I can’t. I wrote about the fact that how I learned not to take myself so seriously in this role. I would meet military families, and spend time on bases. I would see the sacrifice that these families would make and the hardships that they would bare because they would have a loved one serving and dying and putting their life at risk. I admired them and it made me feel like, ‘let me not complain out loud about anything that is happening to me.'”

And apparently, Michelle’s comments aren’t going over so well with Melania. She reportedly believes that the press coverage of Michelle and her husband, Barack Obama, were much more positive than the coverage of herself and Donald. Which, in turn, would theoretically lead to less negative comments being made against the Obamas than the Trumps.

Moreover, an insider revealed that the first lady should have known this was coming, after she was warned by her husband not to trust the Obamas.

“Melania thinks it’s really sad that Michelle felt the need to diss her over her bullied comments, but at the same time she believes it was inevitable.”

And while some may argue about whether the press coverage is skewed toward the Obamas or not, it is true that Melania has dealt with something that Michelle never had to: and that was T.I.’s music video.

The music video depicted a Melania impersonator stripping and dancing on the Oval Office desk, seducing T.I. after the president had supposedly left the White House in a helicopter.

Plus, there’s been tons of jokes and speculation being made about Melania’s relationship status with Donald. This was especially true during the height of the Stormy Daniels scandal. Many people believed that the first lady was trapped in their marriage, while others think that she’s waiting for the presidential term to be over before divorcing Donald.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Barack enjoyed their time in the White House without a sex scandal. The person at fault for this, however, is the president. If it weren’t for his infidelity, Melania wouldn’t have been subject to the public scrutiny.