‘General Hospital’ Promises Something Big Coming For CarSon Fans

Craig SjodinABC Press

There is something big coming, according to General Hospital stars Maurice Benard and Laura Wright. They play the roles of Sonny and Carly Corinthos, also known as CarSon. Those two have been a fan favorite couple for many years and now those fans will be treated to something good.

General Hospital posted a short clip on Twitter of Benard and Wright talking about some type of announcement coming on Monday during the Sonny-centric episode. On November 12, there will be a special show dedicated to Sonny Corinthos in honor of actor Maurice Benard’s 25th anniversary. This sounds like the perfect time to also celebrate the relationship between Sonny and Carly.

The video has the two actors on the set in Sonny’s living room. Benard is holding some papers which appears to be a script. Laura Wright walks up and asks him what he is still doing there. He mentions to her that everyone is talking about tomorrow’s Sonny episode, but then he says that is not all that’s happening. There is something else going on, but Laura stops him from saying anything else.

She says, “Don’t say another word. CarSon fans have been waiting 20 years for this. A few more hours won’t kill them.”

You can then hear that there will be a special announcement on Monday during the time that General Hospital airs. Now, fans are trying to figure out what they are talking about.

What could CarSon fans possibly be waiting 20 years for? One person on social media teased that maybe Carly will end up pregnant. However, that has been done already. Morgan was Sonny and Carly’s child together, so it doesn’t seem like that would be the case. But then again, Morgan was over 20 and CarSon fans may want to see another child produced by this pair.

Another scenario could be that the ABC soap will be putting out a special commemorative collection of all the special CarSon moments throughout the years. That was just done recently for JaSam fans to enjoy. That went over quite well, so this may be where this is headed.

Tomorrow’s episode of General Hospital is all about Sonny. He will have a dream on what his life would be like if he had never made the choice to join the mob when he was very young. It is expected to be one show you don’t want to miss.

Also, stay tuned for this special announcement as to what has Maurice Benard and Laura Wright so excited.