Ana Cheri, Millionaire Instagram Model, Plugs Her New Calendar By Previewing Extremely Daring Bikini Shots

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Ana Cheri, a 32-year-old native of southern California, has accumulated 11.6 million followers and counting on her Instagram account, enough to make her one of Instagram’s multimillionaire models, who makes more than a pretty good living posting high-gloss snaps of themselves in various states of undress — but never quite enough of a state, as the Inquisitr has noted, to cross the boundaries set by the social media platform’s community guidelines.

Few of those young women have been as adept at monetizing their not-quite-nudity as Cheri, however. The Inquisitr earlier highlighted her Halloween post, in which she displayed a large amount of cleavage while dressed in a “naughty schoolgirl” costume. But now, Cheri is selling a “Paradise Calendar” featuring 13 shots in which she wears almost no costume, or anything, at all.

“Imagine flipping through soft sands, blue ocean waves, and (of course) my favorite bikinis as a special treat to look forward to every month,” Cheri wrote on her site. But in many of the shots, as in one recent Instagram post, Cheri is barely wearing even a bikini.

But the strategy of turning bikini photos and other revealing shots into cash has certainly paid off for the model who also doubles as a fitness trainer and owner of her own gym, according to the Mirror.

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According to the Wealth Record site, Cheri’s earnings have brought her to a reported net worth of about $3.5 million. “Her earning was considered from her gym and extra activities like modeling,” the site reported. But the Daily Mail more recently estimated her value at $4.3 million.

Cheri has also appeared in Playboy magazine, as the October 2015 Playmate of the Month, and endorsed weight-loss and body-building products for the Shredz company, according to the Daily Mail newspaper. In her motivational speeches, she emphasizes “strength, positivity and sexy physiques around the world,” according to the Mirror. Moskova Underwear, Monster Energy, and the Ultimate Armwrestling League have been among the other brands that Cheri has flogged, according to the Famous People site.

Her calendar preview photos have become increasingly daring, culminating in Sunday’s post from “Paradise.”

She is also closely affiliated with the fashion brand Want My Look, which serves as yet another source of income that continues to expand her net worth.

According to The Daily Mail, Cheri’s met worth in 2015 was $3.1 million, when the paper deemed her “The Biggest Name in Fitness Modeling,” meaning that thanks to her racy Instagram posts and the other activities they have opened up for her, she has added more than a million to that figure over three years.