August 3, 2015
Bravo Star Ramona Singer Addresses Alleged Turks & Caicos Hookup: 'We're On Vacation'

Bravo star Ramona Singer appeared to hook up with a man in Turks and Caicos while filming scenes for the seventh season of The Real Housewives of New York City. However, during an interview with Radar Online on July 31, the Bravo star denied anything happened between her and the mystery man.

"LuAnn met a gentleman who was single and available — and she said, 'Ramona I would like to invite him back to our gorgeous villa to have a drink with me, but he won't come because he's with his friend.' "
The Bravo star claimed her longtime friend, De Lesseps, asked her to "entertain" the friend, "keep him company," and "have drinks with him too," and she obliged, feeling that's what women should do for their also-single friends.
"I said, 'Absolutely, because what are girlfriends for?' What's wrong with being the wingman? We're on vacation. We're over 21... I mean we're not having an orgy, running around naked and going in the pool. We're entertaining in a gorgeous villa two lovely gentlemen who are on vacation also."
Are the Bravo star spent time entertaining de Lesseps' guest's friend, she began to get tired, and wanted to go to bed. The friend, however, appeared far too intoxicated to make it home alone. So, instead of forcing him into a dangerous situation, she agreed to let him stay at their vacation home for the night. Although the Bravo star encouraged the unidentified man to be home "before the morning" in order to avoid being seen by the other women and the Real Housewives of New York City crew, he failed to do so, and Heather Thomson found him naked.
"Are these girls living underneath a rock? I find it a little immature, especially since we are in the 21st century the last time I checked. We're not under 18 and have a chaperone and need permission slips."
As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bravo star Ramona Singer recently revealed she had begun dating. During an interview with Page Six last week, the reality star claimed she had forgiven her cheating husband, Mario, and was ready to move on and find love with someone new.

First, however, she's focusing on her daughter, Avery, and enjoying some time at her home in The Hamptons. Over the weekend, she shared the following photo with her fans on Twitter.

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[Photo via Ramona Singer / Twitter]