‘General Hospital’ Celebrates Maurice Benard’s 25th Anniversary With Special Sonny-Filled Episode

Craig SjodinABC Press

A very special episode of General Hospital is coming your way on November 12. The ABC soap has put together a dream scenario involving the ever-lovable mobster, Sonny Corinthos, and will be airing it Monday. This is to help celebrate actor Maurice Benard’s 25 years since he first stepped foot in Port Charles.

TV Line originally teased what they call the “Sonny-centric” episode in which the mob boss wonders what life would have been like if he would have chosen a different path than what he did. It will take viewers back to that one day when the very young Sonny Corinthos chose to pull the trigger for the very first time. The General Hospital promo called “What If….” has Sonny reflecting on how much his life would be different without joining forces with Joe Scully years ago.

Two special surprises are in store with the first one being that Benard’s son Joshua, 13, will step into the role of the young Sonny. The second surprise is that actor Dominic Zamprogna will be coming back just for this special Sonny episode. He left the role to pursue other opportunities and General Hospital fans are missing him terribly. This will be a special treat to have him back, even if it is just for one day.

ABC revealed a sneak peek into Monday’s show and the clip is quite interesting. Sonny Corinthos is looking quite different in his flannel shirt. From the looks of it, he ended up being married to Olivia Falconeri, not Carly Benson. Those two were a young couple growing up in Bensonhurst, so it stands to reason that if he hadn’t joined the mob, he would most likely have ended up with Olivia. After all, they do share a son together.

Speaking of Dante, things will be quite different for him in Sonny’s dream. Lulu is nowhere to be found, but he does have Sam McCall in his life. Yes, Dante and Sam are a couple and lead very different lives. General Hospital spoilers for Monday also tease that Julian Jerome has the upper hand, and it sure looks that way in the sneak peek clip. It sounds like Dante is either working for Julian and sister Ava or alongside them. Either way, it is a far cry from being a cop like Dante is in current times. Sonny doesn’t seem to be too happy about his son being involved with Julian either.

Other lives will also be drastically different in the dream. In addition to Olivia and Dante, Carly and Jason’s life would have taken another route from their life in the mob. Those two had an affair when Carly first came to town and eventually became best friends. They could have stayed together as a couple and gotten married. You just never know what could have happened.

You will just have to wait to see what takes place in Sonny’s dream on Monday’s General Hospital.