Michelle Keegan Undergoes Pap Smear, Promotes Cervical Screenings On Instagram

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Michelle Keegan got personal with her 3.7 million Instagram followers as she shared “live” pap smear updates on her Stories.

“Today I’m on the way to the doctors for a smear that I’ve been putting off for a quite long time now,” the 31-year-old actress announced in a series of video clips on her Instagram Stories that the Daily Mail documented.

“I think the thought of going for a smear for women puts them off more than anything. 1 in 4 women now don’t turn up for their appointments apparently, so I’m going to do a video blog today to show you how simple a smear test actually is,” the actress continued.

In addition to filming herself filling out some quick medical paperwork, Keegan also shared a photo of herself on the medical exam bed with her bare legs exposed, featuring the caption “here we go” as she prepared for her exam.

Following her cervical exam, the actress shared another short video – on her profile instead of her Stories – dishing on how simple the procedure was for anyone hesitating to get one done.

“Smear’s been done. I was in the room [for] five minutes, on the bed for two. It was really quick, really easy. It wasn’t painful at all, just a little bit uncomfortable,” Michelle explained in the video.

Michelle did have an ulterior motive with her live pap smear updates and it wasn’t to expose herself or put her toned legs on display. She wanted to discuss the statistics of cervical screenings and cancer. She wanted to encourage all her female followers to make an appointment and get their pap smear done, instead of putting it off because it’s an awkward and uncomfortable procedure.

“Around three and a half thousand women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year and I know it can be daunting going for a smear but these doctors and nurses do it every single day,” she continued to explain in her video clip.

“So ladies, I’m urging you to book in for your smear. Go and get it done and tell all your family and friends to do the same. because it is so important and it’s so easy.”

Keegan didn’t just use her voice in the video she posted to push for women to get cervical screenings. She also shared a lot of information in the caption of her video as well. She admitted in the caption of her video that the procedure was something she had put off, and that she had made tons of excuses as to why she couldn’t go.

“I used the excuse of being ‘too busy’ with work and life in general,” she admitted in the caption.

She also acknowledged that the procedure was “bloody embarrassing.” She even admitted to being afraid of it being painful. In the end, Keegan realized she was being silly, as it was a quick and painless procedure that could save her life one day.

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“My advice to you… STOP making excuses, book, and go for your bloody smear! A smear test last 5 minutes, [while] the impact of cervical cancer lasts a life time [sic],” she exclaimed toward the end of her video clip caption.

In less than 12 hours, her video had been liked just shy of 100,000 times, with over 1,500 comments. Many used the video as an opportunity to share empowering stories about how a cervical screening saved a life. Some admitted to putting off making an appointment and thanking Michelle for the reminder.