Kate Middleton Reportedly Becoming Less Timid, Even Displaying Rare Meghan Markle-Like Actions Per ‘E! News’

Tristan Fewings / StringerGetty Images

Kate Middleton is back in the spotlight after her maternity leave, and many are noticing that she is less shy and bolder than ever upon her return. For example, Susan E. Kelley from What Kate Wore noted her growth, as detailed by E! News.

“A couple of years ago, you might have seen her being a little bit timid. Now, she seems like she’s in a more take-charge position. I’m beginning to see the person who’s going to be queen emerging.”

That’s certainly great news, and while it can’t be attributed to Meghan Markle alone, it does appear that Kate is following her cues on several fronts.

For one, Kate and Prince William have never been known to flaunt their affection for each other with PDA. However, during Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding, Kate was spotted placing her hand on William’s thigh. Many considered this to be a “rare” occasion, with William reciprocating by putting his hand on top of Kate’s, detailed Insider.

With that being said, there’s no royal protocol that forbids couples from holding hands, but it’s known that Queen Elizabeth II “discourages” PDA. And considering that William is second in line to the throne, the royal protocols and etiquette are held to a stricter standard for them than they are for Harry and Meghan.

Even so, Meghan engaged in tons of PDA with Harry during their first international tour. This was well-received by fans, who enjoyed seeing the two so in love.

Also, Kate appears to be letting down her wall a little more during official engagements, as she was spotted giving children hugs during the Coach Core Essex event, according to The Mirror. It’s not usual for Middleton to be spotted being physical with others during engagements, and it was reportedly “a rare break from tradition” to see her this way.

On the other hand, “touchy-feely” Meghan became known for her long walkabouts and friendly contact with fans during the international tour. So much so, that some speculate that security became alarmed for her safety.

It’s hard to say for sure what’s caused these changes, but they all appear to be embraced happily by her dedicated fans. Moreover, there’s no rivalry between Kate and Meghan, says royal correspondent Katie Nicholl.

“People who are often saying, ‘Well, is she jealous of Meghan?’ She’s really not. Kate is happier in her life now that she ever has been. She has everything she wants. She has William, she has three beautiful children…she is where she always wanted to be.”