Krystal Nielson Dons Red Bikini For Body Update Video On Instagram & Proves Photos Weren’t Photoshopped

Paul HebertABC

Bachelor in Paradise’s Krystal Nielson is super serious about fitness and nutrition. After all, her Instagram handle is @coachkrystal_, and the “coach” is for good reason. She helps women achieve their health goals, including offering group coaching sessions. And recently, Krystal posted some before and after photos of her last month of working out and eating well, which was well-received by fans. The changes were obvious, with her losing fat and gaining muscle throughout her body.

However, Nielson was dismayed to find out when her mom told her that she thought the pictures were Photoshopped. Of course, that would be a huge lie to her fans and for those who choose to pay for her services. So to quash any seeds of doubt, Krystal decided to also make a body transformation update video, instead of just posting photos. Of course, the TV star seemed a little annoyed and frustrated that her mom would accuse her of this, but you can never predict how our moms will act.

“My mom called me and asked if I photoshopped my After photos posted Friday. I go, ‘MOM, f****quin seriously?!!!!'”

She gave a little shout-out to her mom throughout the video, and explained why she was making it. Krystal posed in a red bikini, and also put on the same outfit as the one she had for the transformation photos.

If anything, Krystal’s mom thinking it was Photoshopped could be taken as a compliment, considering the photos weren’t altered. Fans raved about the new update, with one person letting her know, “I am so proud of you and love following you. Great work. It helps me in my own journey.” Another said, “You’re one of my favorite people to follow!! So naturally beautiful and passionate!!” Many fans wanted to know her meal plan details too.

Meanwhile, it looks like things are going well for her and fiancé Chris Randone. Chris, however, did open up to his fans on Instagram yesterday, and let himself be vulnerable. He described how he is struggling with anxiety, and detailed how it has impacted his life thus far. Fans praised him for sharing his story, while others chimed in with their own experiences with their anxiety issues.

“I’m gonna be real with you guys here. By far, this has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life. Many life changes are happening at all once and it’s hit me with a snowball avalanche of anxiety. I’ve had anxiety ever since I lost weight at age of 16… I’m letting you know this because not everyday is peaches and cream. People tend to think our lives are so perfect but they’re not.”