Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend, Camille Kostek, Sings In Sexy Shania Twain Karaoke Video

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek took to Instagram just moments ago to share a sexy karaoke video. Channeling country-western artist Shania Twain, Kostek took to the stage of a small bar to perform the artist’s seminal hit single “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.” While it’s not clear whether or not Kostek’s actual vocals are reproduced in the video — some commenters below the caption are similarly confused — what is clear is that Kostek put a lot of effort into crafting the brief clip.

Taking to the neon-lit stage at Wanna B’s, a Nashville-based karaoke bar, Kostek immediately strikes a chord as she seductively dances to the beat of the Shania Twain song. Wearing a pair of cut-off daisy duke denim shorts that reveal her long, toned legs, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue rookie knows she looks good, and channels that provocative, evocative power in her performance.

A pair of suede finish thigh-high boots helps to accentuate the cowboy motif that Kostek is representing, paired with a sweatshirt wrapped lightly about her waist. A tight gray crop-top hugs Kostek’s upper torso, showing off her curvaceous figure and flat stomach, leaving little to the imagination. The entire ensemble seems fitting for the ambiance of the venue, and the professional cinematography of the photographer lends an air of authenticity to the proceedings.

The stage performance clips are intertwined with footage of Kostek and her friends enjoying a day out on the town. In these portions of the video, Kostek can be seen flaunting her signature blonde locks, long wavy tresses cascading down about her neck and shoulders to rest at her back. Donning a long white cloak overtop a skin-tight black camisole, Kostek and her crew can be seen shopping for cowboy hats and boots in boutique stores. High-waisted black pants — and a matching belt — help to round out this urban chic get-up. The video is punctuated by beautiful footage of pastoral environments and country roads flanked by greenery.

Well known for her fun-loving attitude and natural beauty, Kostek most recently made headlines for landing her rookie spot in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for 2019, as Hollywood Life details. A lifelong goal for the blonde bombshell, it was readily apparent that Kostek was enjoying herself while shooting for the magazine in Australia, according to the Inquisitr.

Her longtime boyfriend, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, made it very clear that he — and all of Kostek’s friends and family — were very proud of her recent achievement.

“Camille has been working her whole life to get the SI swimsuit, ever since we met she’s been talking about it. When she got the news she told me all about it and I couldn’t be more excited for her. I’m super excited for her she’s heading to South Australia. It feels unreal to say my girl is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She definitely deserves it.”