Sexiest Man Alive Idris Elba Says He’s ‘A Little Naughty’

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Idris Elba is many things, he is an actor, a producer, a musician, a disc jockey, a pro kickboxer, and now he’s the Sexiest Man Alive, according to People. After receiving the coveted title, the Brit sat down with the magazine for an interview where he revealed he’s a bit of bad boy.

Elba grew up in East London and was the only child of African immigrant parents. The 46-year-old recalled his childhood, saying his parents were stricter than most. He said his strict upbringing was what made him decide to leave home at a young age.

“When I was like 14, as soon as I grew a mustache basically, I was out of there,” he said.

The actor said he attended an all-boys school and constantly found himself competing with other students. Elba had a hard time focusing in school for extended periods because he found the entire thing to be a bit on the boring side. He went on to talk about his “naughty” side, but claimed he was mostly a good kid growing up.

“I told you my parents were strict, so there’s a rebellious side to me,” he said. “I have a little bit of an issue with authority sometimes. I’m the guy that, if it says ‘Don’t push the button,’ I’m gonna push it.”

The actor holds the cover spot of People magazine and took to Instagram to share it with his 2 million followers. He posted the following caption to accompany the sexy photo.

“Who’d have thought it! Thank you @people & all the fans for naming me #SexiestManAlive,” before urging fans to cast their votes in the recent midterm elections.

Another surprising bit of information revealed in the interview was Elba’s love of tattoos. The actor said he currently has 10 tattoos and is open to getting additional ink done. According to him, all his tattoos hold significant meanings and mark important moments in his life.

“They’re moments in my life. I have my kids’ names and symbols of my culture, being half Sierra Leonean and Ghanaian. I have a line from one of my favorite songs, ‘This train carries no wrongdoers.’ It isn’t meant to be cryptic, it’s just an idea that you can carry negativity or drop it off at the station and keep going,” he said.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the actor is busy working on the upcoming Hobbs And Shaw movie from the Fast and Furious franchise.

Elba will also be back as the titular detective in the British crime drama television series, Luther. There is currently no premiere date for the show’s fifth series, but is expected to air on the BBC network, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly.