Olivia Culpo Flashes Insane Abs Wearing Crop Top & Skin-Tight Pants

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Olivia Culpo is proof that hard work at the gym really pays off. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model took to social media this weekend to show off her insane abs in a sexy new photograph.

On Saturday, November 10, Olivia Culpo posted a racy new picture of herself to her Instagram account. The former Miss Universe is seen baring her impressive mid-section and striking a sexy pose while doing so.

In the snapshot, Culpo is seen wearing a long-sleeved, black crop top that flaunts her toned abs and flat tummy. She also wears a pair of skin-tight red leather pants that hug her famous curves.

Olivia completes the ensemble by rocking a pair of white, heeled ankle boots, and wearing her shoulder length brown hair parted to the side and styled in soft, loose waves. She dons a full face of make up, including a pink lip, and holds a green beverage in her hand.

Culpo is seemingly sitting on a balcony in the photo, as she lounges on a black-and-white stripped bench with her feet up on a glass outdoor table. She has her hand in her hair as her car keys are seen sitting next to her.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Olivia Culpo has been one busy woman as of late. In addition to spending a ton of time with her family, the model was recently in Las Vegas for the Revolve Awards on Friday night.

She also recently celebrated a partnership with Express, and spent some time in Australia, where she shot photos for the upcoming 2019 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Sadly, Culpo has also been dealing with some personal drama. While down under for work, Olivia’s boyfriend, NFL star Danny Amendola, was photographed getting flirty on the beach with bikini-clad sports reporter Bianca Peters. Once the photos hit the internet, Olivia and Danny reportedly called it quits.

“She’s humiliated and p***ed off that he went behind her back like that. He was all over Bianca for everyone to see. She can’t believe he did that to her. It’s over,” a source told Radar Online after the break up.

Olivia Culpo showed just how angry she was when she took to social media to reveal that she would be keeping the $12,000 Rolex watch she had purchased for Danny Amendola’s birthday.

“Looks like this is my present now,” she stated in the now-deleted post.