Here’s How Much Money Dez Bryant Will Make For His Two Days With The New Orleans Saints

Mitchell LeffGetty Images

The New Orleans Saints were thrilled about their new weapon on offense, but they never even had the chance to see him play a single down. Dez Bryant signed his deal with the Saints on Thursday and by Saturday, he was gone for the year with a torn Achilles. The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver just made it through his second full day of practice before the season-ending injury, but he’s still going to get paid.

At the end of practice on Friday, Bryant was running a routine route as reported by, and he went to the ground. It was one of those freak things that just happened and doctors knew almost immediately that it was an Achilles injury, but the Saints were going to make sure.

After an MRI and a second opinion, it was confirmed that he had torn his Achilles and would have to go through a recovery of at least eight months. It isn’t known if he’s going to end up back with the Saints as his contract with them was only through the end of the current season.

Then again, it isn’t even known if the 30-year-old receiver will be able to bounce back from the injury at all. Still, he had one more chance to get his career going again and this injury took him out before even getting into another game, but he’s still going to get paid.

The last time he was with the Dallas Cowboys before he was released by them in April, Bryant was set to make $12.5 million. His deal with the New Orleans Saints was a prorated contract that was set to pay him $600,000 for the rest of this season which would have been seven or eight games for him.

Well, even though he only spent two-and-a-half days with the Saints, Dez Bryant is still going to make $600,000.

Bryant’s contract was set up with a number of reception incentives that would have paid him more if he hit certain plateaus. According to ESPN, Bryant could have actually earned another $500,000 this season if he caught a specific number of passes.

  • $50,000 for 25 receptions
  • $100,000 for 30 receptions
  • $150,000 for 35 receptions
  • $200,000 for 40 receptions

For this week’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the New Orleans Saints have activated wide receiver Keith Kirkwood from the practice squad for extra depth. It is possible the Saints could look at signing veteran WR Brandon Marshall who also worked out for the team this past week. Dez Bryant may have still made his money for this season, but he most definitely would have enjoyed earning it by proving himself on the field.