Scruff-A-Luvs, Hottest 2018 Holiday Season Toy, Is Already Selling Out

Scruff-A-Luvs are ramping up to be the hottest toy of the 2018 holiday season. If your child put one on their Christmas list this year, you are going to want to act fast, as they are already selling out.

Good Housekeeping referred to this little $20 ball of fluff as the hottest toy of the season back in September. The outlet also reported the toy first hit the market in June and quickly worked its way up to the top of Amazon's top 100 toys list.

According to a recent report by Yahoo Finance, Scruff-A-Luvs are a member of the Little Live Pets brand. Moose Toys – known best for their popular Shopkins collectibles – also owns Little Live Pets.

This strange and adorable little creature is categorized as a "mystery pet." When your child pulls the toy out of the package it is nothing more than a messy ball of colorful fur.

To transform the toy into your child's next lovable pet, he or she has to give it a bath. After taking a bath, drying off the Scruff-A-Luv, and combing out its hair – it transforms into a rabbit, kitten, or puppy.

Part of the appeal associated with the Scruff-A-Luvs is not that different from Hatchimals as you have no idea what the ball of fur is going to transform into. The mystery of not knowing is also how the company attracts children wanting to collect several of these adorable little balls of fur with the hope of getting a puppy, kitten, and rabbit to have a full set.

According to Yahoo Finance, the blue Scruff-A-Luvs are currently sold out at Walmart. The retail giant is likely to restock as there is still plenty of time before Christmas. Moreover, Walmart notably had one of the cheapest listing prices for the mysterious pet toy which is likely one of the reasons why it sold out so quickly. While the pink Scruff-A-Luv is available on Walmart, it is only available through third party sellers. Unfortunately, the third party sellers are taking advantage of the low supply and high demand with a huge mark-up that's just shy of $40.

Fortunately, Amazon is still an option for those hoping to get a pink or blue Scruff-A-Luv. Amazon currently has the pink listed at $19.99 and the blue listed at $19.72. If Amazon should also sell out of either the pink or blue version of the mysterious pet toy, third party sellers with hefty marked-up prices are also likely to jump into place to make some quick cash.

The limited edition purple Scruff-A-Luv is also still currently available on the Amazon platform. It, however, will cost you just shy of $30.

Earlier this week the prices on the blue version on Amazon did dip under $18, but this was likely just to compete with Walmart's low price. Once Walmart sold out of stock, Amazon had no reason to hang on to the lower price.

While this ball of fur is still currently available for purchase, it isn't a toy you want to wait to buy if your child wants one. As Christmas draws near the toy will continue to go out of stock and the prices will start to rise due to the low supply and the high demand.