A Baby Was Among Four People Killed When A High-Speed Chase Ended In A Horrific Car Wreck

A one-year-old baby was among four people killed when a vehicle being chased by police in a high-speed chase crashed into another vehicle, the Guardian is reporting.

On Friday night, police in Sheffield, England began pursuing a Volkwsagen Golf in which three suspects, all men aged 23, 17 and 18, were allegedly fleeing. As of this writing, what crime they were suspected of committing, and why the police where chasing them, remains unclear. Nevertheless, the men began to flee, and a high-speed chase began through the streets of the city.

The chase ended, however, when the suspects’ vehicle crashed into a Volkswagen Touran, a multi-passenger van. The van was transporting an unknown number of people from two families. As they attempted to turn from Main Street onto a residential side street, they were struck.

Four people in the Touran died at the scene. They include two men, aged 35 and 50, and a 41-year-old woman, according to the Telegraph. Tragically, a one-year-old baby boy was also killed at the scene. What’s more, a 22-year-old woman sustained critical injuries in the wreck; as of this writing, she is clinging to life in a hospital. Two other passengers, including a three-year-old girl, were also injured in the crash. The severity of their injuries, however, remains unclear as of this writing.

As for the three suspects, they all sustained minor injuries as well. They have since been taken into police custody.

In a statement, Detective Chief Inspector Jude Ashmore said that the Sheffield Police will do what they can to assist the families of the killed and injured.

“First and foremost, my thoughts are with the family of the victims who have lost loved ones during this incredibly tragic incident… Our priority now is to support the victims’ families and those affected, and work hard to determine the exact circumstances around what happened.”

Unfortunately, high-speed police chases often result in the loss of lives of innocent bystanders, whether they’re struck by the fleeing suspects or the pursuing cops. As USA Today reported in 2015, thousands of innocent people have lost their lives due to high-speed police chases, including those that resulted from such inconsequential acts as minor traffic infractions or shoplifting.

To that end, some cities, such as Orlando and Milwaukee, have required that officers only chase suspects in cases of violence. However, other police departments across the United States give their officers wide discretion, allowing them to chase suspects when they flee, regardless of the reason.